WDW & DL's Haunted Mansion


I’m sorry if this is a re-post but I just saw this on wikipedia…

Florida and California have two legendary ghosts that were prematurely removed. At California a ghost called “the hatbox ghost” appeared in the attic and held a hatbox. With each beat of the bride’s heart, his head would vanish and appear in the hatbox he was holding. The figure was removed shortly after opening, reportedly due to the effect not working convincingly. At Florida, before there was a staircase room, there was a pitch-black room full of spiders and their webs. One of the webs had a mutilated man tangled in a web with a large spider not too far behind. Followed by the man’s appearance was a horrible scream, not heard anywhere else on the ride. After a few weeks, he too was removed. Photographs of both of the hatbox ghost and the man in the spider web are very rare.

…now I thought I knew EVERYTHING about WDW, but I’ve never heard of this before! Can anyone shed some light on this?



Hmm… interesting.


I’ve heard of the hat box, but mutilated man?? Doesn’t sound very “family friendly” have to google around see if we can dig up some more info?? :confused:


Here is the info on the Hatbox Ghost. DoomBuggies > Explore the history and marvel at the mystery of Disney’s Haunted Mansion attractions!


That is very interesting. I had never heard of this either.


I remember the spider and the web but no mutilated man…


Creepy hatbox ghost!! I just read that article on Doombuggies and the effects for the hatbox ghost sounded REALLY cool, I would like to have seen it.


Great site. I didn’t know the brides ring was outside and I will have to look for it on our next trip


The Haunted Mansion always creeps me out! Not the ride itself but all the legends about it…like the “real” ghost George and all that stuff.


It was paved over recently I believe. :sad: And, to be honest, it never looked too much like a ring to me… more like a rusted old gate post holder in the ground. :laugh:

There is a picture of it in one of my old trip reports. If I can find it, I will forward the picture here.


I thought George was over on PoC?


I found a great picture showing it’s location and photos.
How to find the Bride’s Ring at WDW - Where Hinges Creak in Doorless Chambers - Hot and Cold Running Chills - Disney’s Haunted Mansion - Message Board - Yuku

But like I said, unless it was a false rumor, I am pretty sure it was paved over recently. Could be wrong, can someone who’s been there recently attest?


I was really disappointed with the ‘ring’ when a CM pointed it out to me. In fact, I think I say “that’s all?”. I really that it would be a real ring.


It was gone when we were there last September.
I agree, it didn’t really look like a ring, but it was still fun. I was sad they paved over it. :sad:


The story about the ring is much better than the real reason it was there. It was just a post holder that was cut.


I was there WHEN they paved it over. The first day we were coming out of the mansion and showed it to my sister, who had never seen it. I was going to take a picture, but there were a ton of people behind us, and since I was going to be back in a couple of days I decided to take the picture later.

We came back 2 days later, and it was gone!! I am so mad at myself for not taking that picture!!!


Thanks Wish - I guess if it’s covered up I’ll never get to se it anyway. My loss


Good. I hated that neon spider web at WDW, I dislike spiders a lot. One time DBFFL and I were caught infront of it due to technical difficulties. That was a nightmare.


Its funny how they change so may things! Im sad the ‘ring’ is gone, it was a cute touch, even if it wasn’t put there on purpose like I always thought!