WDW do the same as Disneyland resort?


Do they do the same as the Disneyland resort when it comes to sending your purchases that you got at the parks to your hotel?


I believe they do…I’ve been to both, and I’m almost certain they do.


They did last I knew! I have never stayed onsite at DL though, so I can’t be 100% positive.


Yes they do. You have to fill out a little paper work and the usually next day the resort will call your room and say your package is there and where to pick it up.


Yes they do, but keep in mind that any packages will not arrive at your hotel until tomorrow afternoon. So, if you’re departing before 2 PM, your packages will not arrive in time.
If you are a club level guest, your packages will be delivered to your room. If you’re not a club level guest, your packages are delivered to your resort’s main gift shop.


This is true but they will not always call your room! If you don’t receive a call just check at the resort gift shop and they will have your package. If not just give them the copy of your paperwork and they can “track” it for you.

I remember back in the day when they used to deliver your purchases directly to your room! I miss those days!



As long as you are at the three hotels at DLR.


We’ve never gotten a call that our package or packages were there.