WDW Downtown Disney Pocahontis STore


Please Help!

Does anyone remember the name of the old Pocahontis Store that was located in Downtown Disney at the current location of the Disney’s Pin Traders Store.

This store was created to merchandise the NEW Pocahontis move in 1995 - 1996, featuring merchandise from the movie.

The name may have been something along the lines of the Powhatan or Pocahontis Trading Post.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks


MY daughter remembers the place ( I dont) but cannot think of the name. She says they say the word Wingapow quite alot in the movie and wondered if it was anything along those lines? You’ve got us all racking our brains now!


I did not go to Disney World till 1999… sorry


I have racked my brain trying to remember and have taken out pictures from my first visit in 1992 to pictures from 96 to help and even have looked all over the net too. Wait, I better find my Disney A-Z book I bet they will have the name in it. Stay tuned.


Ok, have looked at my Disney A to Z book and nothing and even downloaded the updates. On D23 they have a place that Dave Smith answers questions, I would try that.