WDW during Thanksgiving week


Has anyone been the week of Thanksgiving? How would you rate the crowd levels? We went to DL Thanksgiving week this year. The crowds were moderate the weekend before, but very heavy the closer it got to Thanksgiving. I will never go to DL Thanksgiving Day again Although we had a wonderful time, it was just too crowded. Is WDW the same way?


WDw is most certainly the same. People tend to go around thankgiving as to not take their child out of school. I would avoid it if possible that week. Go the week before or after, but avoid the Wednesday - Monday around thanksgiving.


I was just there during Thanksgiving and I would say what you saw at DL “moderate the weekend before, but very heavy the closer it got to Thanksgiving” was true this year for WDW. I really did not think it was too bad even on Thanksgiving Day. The morning was nice with waits for Splash Mountain at 20min. Then mid day was heavy with a 70min wait time for Splash Mountain. Then nice again from 8:30pm on.:smile:


We went two years ago. The week before was great, Thanksgiving day was pretty heavy, Friday and the weekend was very, very busy, and the Monday after was fantastic again. Still we had a great time and Thanksgiving dinner at the Crystal Palace was a very special treat!


We were there two years ago too, I think… hmm. guess I will have to check my DC signature to be sure! lol… However, the only park we had any trouble with the entire week was MK on Thanksgiving Day itself… And it was crowded (extremely crowded) only in the Adventureland areas!


I guess I should qualify my answer. We always go off season so we are really used to 10 minute or less waits for the major rides. Anything beyond that seems crowded to us.