WDW evenings with Preschooler


in Jan. 2007 we will be taking our then 3.5 yr. old DD to WDW. she goes to bed early about 7pm. when she skips her nap, my question is…on those days when we might not get her to nap…will we be able to catch any of the nightime festivies before we head bk. to our resort?? ~~how early is spectromagic, or the firworks in Jan.?? (in MK) ~what other evening events can we do??



The fireworks are late in the summer… they have to wait until the sky is dark enough to see the colors! We have been on many occasions with little ones, and the only option we ever came up with was to bundle them into a blanket, pop them into the stroller and go anyway. They slept most of the time, even through most of the fireworks. But they usually did open one eye and see a little bit of the show!


In January I think there aren’t fireworks every night like in the summer. In that case I would plan my days around the nights that have fireworks. Like on a day when there are fireworks take it easier during the day so the kid can nap and then you’ll be able to stay out later that night. We stayed out way too late some nights with DD when we took her when she was 2.5 yrs old, but most times she fell asleep in the stroller. She was totally off her schedule that week!!


Hi This is my first try at posting so I hope I get in. We went in January 05 and my notes said the MK closed at 7:00 and fireworks were then. MGM also has Fantasmic at 7:00 almost every night.


We always have had trouble getting DS to see the fireworks. He falls asleep right before the fireworks or parade! In 4 years he has yet to see the entire parade or fireworks show. Even the last trip at almost 4 yrs old…he was sitting in the stroller, about 8 minutes before the electric parade, EYES CLOSED…GOOD NIGHT! lol


The festivities at night (most of them) start at 7-8ish in January except for illuminations which is at 9pm every night no matter what time of the year you go. When I took my DD when she was the same age, she didn’t make it. I was ok with that as it was August and we were all hot and tired by night time. You have to keep to your child’s normal schedule as much as possible. don’t skip the naps if she is used to them. You will be the parent having a child in full metldown mode by dinner. WDW overstimulates young children enough without trying to get them push themselves more than normal. Take the break and the nap. You will thank yourself later I promise.


Welcome to Disney central!


HI!! welcome to DC!! thanks for the info. looks like maybe we can get the firworks in if they are as early as 7!!

i agree dana…fireworks are great and all…but it’s not worth my DD being too tired to enjoy…i’ve seen fireworks…oooooooo, ahhhhhhh, so no biggie if we skip it. we can always try to catch it next year.

my DD is the type that goes what we call “hilarious” when she is tired…never cranky…just bonkers and super silly…i have never pushed her past that point…we always make a mad dash for bed when i see her exhibiting this bizarr behavior…LOL…but i am willing to bet if i did push her…SHE would be the “meltdown spectical” for sure!!LOL


When we went in Oct., DS was not quite 2 1/2. His schedule was totally screwed up, but he got right back to it when we got home. We planned on heading back to the resort for a nap every afternoon, but it never happened, he just kept going and going. Going back to the resort would have been pointless because he was too wound up to rest. He would catch cat-naps at times, but that’s about it. We were out late every night (6 nights) and he was still awake even when we hit the bus. The only time he fell asleep on a bus was on our way back from DTD before we boarded ME for the airport! Play it by ear and go with DD’s mood. If she’s too wound up to rest, don’t push it! That would have made us ALL miserable! To be honest, he did have one TOTAL meltdown, but that was 3 days in and we were at DTD without much going on to keep his attention.


We are heading to WDW with our two DD’s in Sept. They are 2 & 3! We intend to go back to the resorts to take a rest and if the kids nap then they nap, but at least they will get a little down time! Who knows what the days will bring! Us adults can rejuvenate for a bit as well! DH and I feel that a child’s schedule is so important, but to break it once in a great while, especially when we are doing something “special”, is ok! I gives life a little bit of spontinaity!