WDW Goosebump Moment Achieved!


Welp I just booked our room at the Pop Century for Nov. 29th - Dec. 3rd! Things like that give me goosebumps.

What sort of things give you those “Disney Goosebump Moments”?

  1. Getting off the plane and feeling the warm Florida sun for the first time. (Especially after leaving a long winter behind!)
  2. Hearing the Music of Main Street as we approach MK.
  3. Watching my kids greet Mickey again…always gives me tears.
  4. Seeing Cinderella’s Castle as we turn the corner from the start of Main Street.
  5. Watching my kids create their own Disney Moments.
  6. Watching my parents enjoy my children’s Disney Moments.
    I could go on and on and on…


Oh definitely seeing the Magic Kingdom entrance, when they start playing the music on the bus, right before you get to the Magic Kingdom, and stepping onto Main Street. All of those are goose bump moments for me!


Crossing the finish line at the marathon…hand in hand with my son…while my mom (his grandmom, of course) cheered us on. Three generations LOVING WDW…each in his/her own way. I told me son last year that this marathon represented much more that just a race…it was a victory of life! A TRUE goosebump moment…a few tears, too!


There are so many, but walking down Sunset Blvd toward TOT is awesome!


All of these, and more, booking my dinner adrs, the music, seeing wishes again, the sight of the icons, castle, tree, sorcerors hat etc…


Oooooooooooo, I just paid my trip off last week, that gave me Big WDW Goosebumps!

Also, the first glimpse of the big WDW gates…I always want to take a picture of them!

And of course checking in…and going through the turnstiles for the first time!

I so cannot wait to go!!!


So many things…packing for the trip is always the beginning, feeling Florida weather after getting off the plane, seeing the gates, hearing the music as you walk into the park, riding the monorail, the first glimpse of a character…this could take days :happy:


Our Daughter dancing with Cinderella & the Prince at 1900 Park Fare :heart:
…Followed by Dancing (on Film ) with the wicked step sisters.
Stepping off the bus to the resort.
Getting that first Glimpse of Main Steet USA with Cindy’s Castle, of course.
BEER-WALK at Epcot !!! (Who would have thought)
All You can Eat Prime Rib at 1900 Park Fare !!!
Suprise Mothers day Cake at 1900 Park Fare (Wife telling me to type this from over my shoulder) :laugh:

and of course … MAKING FINAL PAYMENT ON TRIP !!!


I agree, making the turn on main street and SEEING THE CASTLE for the first time of your trip.

And of course Mickey Mouse!

Ah, and can’t forget watching Tinkerbell fly across tomorrowland.


My best goosebump moment was watching my then 18 month old DD run with open arms to Mickey the first time she saw him…Everyone watching was amazed that she had no fear. She just wanted that long awaited hug.


Reading MickeyMom’s post #5 & #6.

And the Epcot thing:biggrin:


There are happy feelings and then there are goosebumps.
Driving onto Disney property, driving up to our hotel, seeing the monorail as we’re driving up World Drive when we’ve arrived, the first sight of the MK of any visit are all happy feelings, as are going through park turnstiles and first sights of the parks’ interiors.
Goosebumps happen during fireworks shows, especially Illuminations, as well as during Fantasmic.
I guess I’ve spent too much time in WDW and am desensitized.


Or… For you it could be that feeling of your second home ? I know when get in our room on the first day it does feel like it.


As corny as this is, I get goosebumps everytime I watch a Disney Vacation Planning DVD. I occasionally tear up at the intros. :laugh:


I have a few more…

-Going to the Disney Store at the local mall to get park tickets.
-Getting my custom maps in the mail.
-Seeing the bricks on the ground with everyone’s name on them.
-Stopping at the Florida welcome station (We usually drive down there).
-Getting that first smell of the Orange trees.
-Seeing the WDW transportation while heading to the resort for the first time.

I could go on, but I don’t want to bore everyone.

  • hearing everyone gasp and whisper when the mysterious sparklies near the end of Fantasmic turn out to be Tinkerbell. even listening to the MUSIC that hails the moment gives me goosebumps.

  • flying in Aladdin’s magic carpet in Philharmagic.

…that’s not much (for now) but I swear I get endorphins from Disney otherwise. :laugh:


I too have teared up watching the planning dvd.
Watching my dd3 getting the castle package at bbb. She was so pretty
corny…but, I LOVE the parades. They make me happy.



I love threads like this! There are so many goosebump moments for me, but here are my top 5.

  1. Getting off the plane and FEELING the warmth as you walk down the jetway. Then hopping on the monorail-esque tram to the terminal and finally the first breath of warm Florida air hitting me as I exit the airport. I always love the way it smells!

  2. The music that sets the atmosphere everywhere always gets me - the specific music of the resort you’re staying at, hearing the music outside the Magic Kingdom the second you get off the bus, the music at the Studios always has a special place in my heart because it is where I did my CP so the music of Hollywood Blvd is ingrained in my memory!

  3. Waking up on the first full day to a Mickey wake up call and knowing I am really on vacation!

  4. Illuminations. Makes me weepy and slack jawed in awe every single time.

  5. This is a goofy one and actually something I complain about, but my first morning’s nasty NesCafe coffee both disappoints and excites me simultaneously. LOL


Breathless getting into the Space Mountain rockets for the first time (we ran of course). You go from hot bright sunshine to cold A/C and darkness in seconds. So sad it will be closed on our trip.