WDW guest arrested for bomb threat comment


This story was on AOL today. Pretty much of a bummer for this guy, but it could have been an issue and I am glad the security CM didn’t let it slide:

[U]Disney Tourist Arrested After Joking About Bomb Threats[/U]
By Liz Behler
December 1, 2009

A German tourist who made false bomb threats in Walt Disney World on Sunday is now being held on $10,000 bond.

Jochen Naumann, a 37-year-old from Leipzig, Germany, was arrested Sunday morning after telling a Disney cast member that he had two bombs in his backpack while at the security checkpoint near the entrance to the Magic Kingdom. When the employee questioned Naumann, he once again repeated the threat.

The employee immediately called on an Orange County Deputy who was posted nearby, and had a bomb dog check Naumann’s bag. After the dog failed to find any evidence of explosive devices, Naumann was taken to a security office on Disney property, reported Orlando’s Fox News affiliate, WOFL, Sunday.

During questioning Naumann claimed he was only joking about having the bombs and admitted that he knew his statement was inappropriate.

Naumann was arrested on a charge of making a false report of a bomb and then taken to the Orange County Jail.

Naumann’s bond, which was set by a judge early Monday morning, stands at $10,000. His bond is twice the usual amount, due to the fact that he is not a resident of the United States.


Serves him right!:angry: In this day and age he should no better. My best friend did an internship @ Disney in the mid '90’s and he told me you wouldnt believe the amount of idiots they had to deal with.:blink:


I do not understand that people don’t get that that is not funny. What the heck was that idiot thinking? Serves him right. Shhhhtooopid


What a dummy!! People just don’t get it!! :pinch:

I wonder if they sell Tourist Ts at the Orange County Jail! Bet he’s not putting that picture on his photopass CD. :laugh::laugh::laugh:


good for him!!! Hope he enjoyed his trip to the USA!!!


Hurray for security. I’m glad that they took this serious. You never know if someone is testing the waters to see how far they can get. Their actions to this guy certainly made me feel more safe at Disney.


Der punishment for der crime of stupidity is one day riding IASW! Was eine dumbkoft.


this is why I never go on a flight with Eds buddy Jack… I would be afraid that he would think it funny to say “Hi-Jack” LOL- some people are just not that bright!


Bravo. Glad to here this. I can only imagine the poor folks entering the gates at the same time as this idiot. What a way to start your day.


The thing that gets me is that if the story is accurate, he had the opportunity to back-off and he made the same joke again. Maybe this is bizarre German humor? Or maybe this guy was just so arrogant that he wanted to be able to tell his friends back about about the “dumb Americans.”

Whatever it is, serves him right for being such a knob.


OK you guys… he wasn’t serious, he was JOCHEN!

Oh hahahahahaha. Don’t mind me. Just cracking myself up again.


And yet, last night at the MK, I went through the usual “no bag” line while DW had to go through and have her tiny bag/pouch checked. As she cleared, I said “did they find the thermonuclear device?” Nobody even flinched, and this is a true story.


You didn’t repeat it. :laugh:


Or… he wasn’t acting suspicious…

I know I was being cheeky, but it’s quite possible that he was TRYING to get arrested, just to see if the “dumb americans” would arrest him. In all seriousness, he may be one of those sociopathic guys who likes to go home and tell stories…

Of course, this is all conjecture… :pirate:


Hope he enjoyes his stay here. I don’t understand why people think its funny to joke about this.


Actually, I was a good 15 feet from the inspection tables when I said it.
And with the overall crowd noise a 6:57 PM just before last night’s Christmas party, it’s pretty likely nobody even heard me other than DW.
If there had been a confrontation, I would have turned into a sheep really fast, apologized and offered to let the officers inspect me.
Then again, the only profile I fit is that of a very frequent guest who obeys the rules and I’m always friendly to whoever is at park gates and check points.


I see you’re from Virginia.
Way back in October 82 I was flying into National (DC) and the plane touched down really hard. Hard enough that a bunch of oxygen masks dropped down.
As that happened, one of the passengers said “Does this flight stop at the 14th Street Bridge?”, repeating a Howard Stern joke from when Air Florida 99 crashed into the Potomac months earlier.
There was much laughter, but then again, we were safely on the ground when he said it.


Being a former Director of Security and Private Investigator, I hope they throw the book at him. 37 years old and he pulls an idiot stunt like that. Good thing there was a police officer near by.


I agree!:glare:


Welcome to MB. Another Virginian!

There are times to joke and times not to joke. Some people just don’t seem to get it.