WDW Helps The US Mint!


U.S. Mint $1 Coin Pilot Begins at Walt Disney World Disney Parks Blog

Beginning today, you may notice more unique $1 coins at Walt Disney World Resort.
We’ve worked with the U.S. Mint to participate in a circulation pilot of the 2009 Native American dollar coins. The coin’s design is based on the theme of agriculture. You’ll notice a Native American woman planting seeds in a field and the inscriptions UNITED STATE OF AMERICA and $1 on the reverse side.


This is a very interesting idea.

WDW has great exposure to many people from many places, so it seems like a perfect place for this.

I hope the dollar coin becomes popular, but past experience shows that it is a difficult process.


hmmmm, interesting.


I. Want. One.


European countries have had 1 and 2 Euro/Pound coins for years. I find them to be a great deal more convenient, especially for vending machines.

There are very powerful lobbies in Washington that have thwarted efforts to mandate a wider distribution and use of dollar coins. It would be terrific if there was a wider grass-roots adoption of dollar coins. But, I’m afraid that a pilot program at a theme park still feels like a novelty…


Seriously? What can you get for a dollar at Disney? A pressed coin maybe?

Kippers - send me $2.50 and I’ll get you one.


Interesting idea. Don’t see why the US mint just doesn’t circulate the dollar coin around the US like they usually do, I suppose they figure it would have a better chance at getting out with tourists there and money going in and out of stores/shops/restaurants, and you know tourists like to collect anything and everything! And I do suppose its a good way to get guests from other countries to take something back other than a quarter to their home country, interesting idea!


We Canadians have had $1 and $2 coins for quite a few years now. I think it took some people some time to get used to the extra coins, but now I don’t think anything of it. They are extremely durable and greatly outlast the paper money, saving a great deal of money overall.
Hopefully the savings will catch on in the US as well.


we have had a £1 coin in the UK since 1983 and athough initially there was some uproar that we were losing our £1 note…things soon quietened down and it was accepted very quickly and people soon got over the nervousness and change. I love having them actually and much prefer it to the old note. I just wish we had 25p coins as oppose to our 20p ones. I love your quarters…they make much more sense to have in my opinion.
This could be quite exciting!


I too would like the $1 coin. I know the local TRE train between Ft. Worth and Dallas dispenses $1 coins as change, or they did the last time I took them, but most vending machines don’t support them, which is just silly. They’re much easier than coins for the end-user, although I suppose clearing them out would be more work.


i just got home I seen one at the resort. looked just like the old coin dollar with the edge of the new president dollar.