WDW here we come 7/8-7/22 - trip plans - open for comments


We are SO excited to FINALLY be going back to WDW after a 6yr void :crying:

Cast members will be Me, DW, DS17, DS9…staying at CBR :pirate: room.

7/8 - Arrive at CBR around 7pm and heading straight to DTD for Earl of Sandwich and some Disney exposure.

7/9 - US

7/10 - IOA

7/11 - Either SeaWorld or Busch Gardens - still deciding

7/12 - Resort touring, T-Rex for late lunch or early dinner at 330, then Disney Quest for the rest of the evening

7/13 - CRT for breakfast and MK

7/14 - Typhoon Lagoon, then HS for the rest of the afternoon and evening, Mama Melrose for dinner

7/15 - AK for the day, Yak & Yeti for dinner, Extra hours at MK 11pm-2am

7/16 - Open for whatever we feel like doing :happy: WCC for dinner

7/17 - Breakfast at CM, Epcot for the day, Marrakesh for dinner (may change), MK extra hours 11pm-2am

7/18 - HS for the day, 50s PTC for dinner

7/19 - AK for the day, Cape May Seafood for dinner, Epcot 9pm-12am

7/20 - Blizzard Beach & Open for whatever, dinner at Ohana

7/21 - MK all day (have to it’s our last day), but cutting over to Chef’s de France for a dinner break

7/22 - Breakfast at Kona Cafe and have to head home :crying:

So there it is…let me know what you all think :goofybounce:


Wow! Looks like a great plan! Enjoy!


On those “MK EMH until2 am” days, do you stay at the parks from morning to ummm morning?


Sure going to try :whistling


Wow 14 days is awesome but well in order after a 6 year void! Looks like busy but great plan. With so many days you have the options to rest if needed after all those wee hour mornings. Can’t wait to read a TR!


I love your plans! I particularly like the EOS at DTD to get some Disney exposure- perfect start to what looks like a brilliant vacation-and 14 nights too fabulous.


Looks great! We especially love evening EMH. Staying in a park until 2:00 a.m. is so fun!


Wow great plans wish I could stay 14 days.


Looks like you have a great plan!
I know what its like to have to wait 6 yrs. 14 days will be amazing. Can’t wait for your TR!


Thanks to all for the comments…just hope I can remember everything to put together a great TR!


Good plans. I like that you are doing other things and ending with WDW. Should be a great time. I wouldn’t change anything.


Thank You…that was MY idea :cool: DW started by wanting to do WDW 1st and finish with the other parks…I said “let’s talk about this now”, in a loving way of course :wub: How could you NOT finish the vacation with fireworks from MK :ohmy: …just would’t be right!!!


Looks like a good plan. I wish my kids could go that long but at the end of our week they are soooo tired. I have to take a day or two to rest from all the walking. We try to do every other day or 2 days on and 1 day off. That helps them regroup and get good rest. I love you dinning choices. You will have a great time,esp. after 6 LONG years!!


You are so lucky to get 2 weeks there:) We are going at the same time you are for nine days and doing US and IOA the first three days then checking into WDW (my favorite part of the trip)

I am not sure if you know but Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 is released on July 15. I was wondering if Universal will have anything special going on for that week. We booked a seven day pass just in case. Let me know if you hear anything.

CBR is a fun resort. We had a corner room last time we stayed there and it was bigger then our AKL room. Have a great trip:happy:


Sounds like a blast!

We just stayed at CBR three weeks ago and it is beautiful! You will all love it. Make sure to leave some time on the schedule to enjoy the pool at the resort! Especially since you’re coming down in July when it is very very HOT! Taking a little break from the parks mid day for a dip in the pool is very refreshing indeed. :cool:


Can’t wait to bump into you at the parks. Our trip is 7/14-7/23. We are planning on EPCOT on the 17th and doing Wild Africa Trek on the 19th.

You will love CBR. That is our fav resort!!!


[QUOTE=hiner;1075334]Can’t wait to bump into you at the parks. Our trip is 7/14-7/23. We are planning on EPCOT on the 17th and doing Wild Africa Trek on the 19th.

You will love CBR. That is our fav resort!!![/QUOTE]

Definately opportunity for us to cross paths :happy: