WDW here we come!


I was talking to DH last night(he was on 24 hour duty) and I was bummed b/c it looked like it would be at least 15 months before we could go to WDW if he deployed this spring…he told me to go ahead and book a trip when the kids get out for Dec. break! YAY!!! We booked POFQ for 5 nights! I can’t wait, I am so excited! Now time to plan plan plan!


Aww that’s fantastic WDWaddict! It’s such a great feeling when you book up! I booked up in February this year so it’s been a really lonnnnnnnnnnnnng wait for us! Not a day goes past that I don’t think about it!! Never mind though - 54 days and counting!

December would be great to go and see all the Christmas decorations!


What fabulous news!
I know you have been kind of disappointed that you had to cancel your last trip - so I am especially happy for you!
I know what it’s like to have to work around someone else’s oft changing schedule!
We will be there Dec 18-25 and can hardly wait - you will have to get a counter going soon!


How wonderful for you!!! Christmas in Disney is especially magical!!!


How awesome!! I am so happy for you!!! Better get to planning!!!


that’s great news to hear wdwaddict. i’m so glad you guys are going to WDW, especially around christmas time. i would love to see WDW in christmas. i bet the decorations are stunning!


I am so excited for you!!! I can’t even imagine how beautiful it will be all decorated for Christmas! Have fun planning!!!


Yay!! Congrats!


Congrats on your upcoming trip! I hope you will let us help you with the plans…please…lol


We will be there for DH’s bday so I am trying to think of a nice way to celebrate…not against totally embarassing him either…lol Hmmmm, what to do? lol (he already knows about the Whispering Canyon deal where they make you ride a stick pony through the lobby b/c I told him about it when I read it on a trip report a while back…lol So that is out.)