WDW Hilton?


My husband’s fraternity has a convention every other year in August. We always go just to vacation with friends. The 2007 convention was supposed to be in New Orleans, but the decision was just made to move it to the WDW hilton. We just got an e-mail with the details as follows:

[I]The Hilton Walt Disney World package includes:

  • IMPROVED EARLIER dates of August 8-12 instead of the
    late August 22-26 in New Orleans.
  • A tremendous discount rate of only $105 for single,
    double, triple or quad! (Vs. Hyatt New Orleans rate of
    $124 s/d, $134 t/q). For comparison, this $105 flat
    rate is $9 less per night than the 2005 rate in
    Orlando and $21 less than the quad rate for the 1995
    Orlando convention! Including taxes for both cities,
    this rate reflects a $38 per night savings from Hyatt
    New Orleans—meaning a $190 savings for a 5 night
    stay for the average delegate.
  • FREE parking vs. $25 in New Orleans—$125 savings
    over 5 nights.
  • Continuous FREE bus transportation to all Disney
  • Discounted park tickets direct from Disney
  • Extended park hours for hotel guests
  • WALK to Downtown Disney, including Pleasure Island,
    House of Blues, Planet Hollywood, Wolfgang Puck’s,
    Cirque du Soleil, shops, and much more.
  • TWO large resort pools similar to those enjoyed at
    the Renaissance SeaWorld at last Congress. [/I]

This makes it sound like it is an official WDW hotel, but I have honestly never heard of it. Is it really considered a WDW hotel for transportation, extended hours etc? Can you do ME and the meal plan staying here? Is this a good rate?


Is it one of the DtD hotels??? They provide Disney transportation, etc.

I doubt you can do the Dining plan or ME here…


It is one of the DtD Hotels - we stayed one year ago for a weekend. It is across the street from DtD. The best feature was that you could do the extended hours. It provides the DtD buses, which go to the parks, but not as often as Disney resorts.

Not sure about the dining plan or the rate.


That’s a great deal. Yeah, that hotel is right in DTD near the market place if I am not mistaken. I suggest renting a car however. You are relying on the Hilton’s buses and I am not sure if they run as often as the actual WDW buses. You should look into how often the shuttles run and where exactly they drop you.


That is an excellent deal, and I agree with Dana. A rental car would make it so much easier for you - the only bus transportation I would use would be the one to the MK. Parking at all the other parks is very straightforward and easy.


I’m going to have to shelve this for a while. I tried discussing it with the family last night, and DD and DS were emphatic about not wanting to go to WDW :crying: They only want to go back to Universal. The trip in June is still a surprise, so I’m hoping that thay will satisfy them enought to do this next summer. DH just doesn’t understand why I want to plan a vacation so early.

The funny part is that the New Orleans trip was going to be a solo vacation for him, because I had no desire to go back to New Orleans (it was a great place, but even before the hurricance I didn’t think it was a family-type trip). Of course now that the plan has moved to Orlando, there is no way he would be able to go alone! :tongue: