WDW in early DEC?


How crowded are the parks in early Dec.? We have went the last two times in early Jan. and early Feb. Both of these times were wonderful! NO wait times for the rides!!! Is it the same in early Dec.? Or is it more crowded? We have never seen WDW with its Christmas decorations and we would love to see them. I would love to surprise DD with a trip probably Dec. 07, since we have already went to WDW this year. :tongue:


Early Dec is our favorite time to go. It has always been wonderful with no waits or crowds. For some reason though, this last year, it was terribly crowded. Not like summer, but still, there were waits and since I don’t usually have to make ADRs, we had a bit more of a challenge getting to eat where we wanted. The CMs I talked to were as surprised as we were at the crowds and no one had an explanation. The only thing I could figure was the birthday celebration. But normally, it is a great time to go. You must see the decorations!!


We go almost every December…first weekend of the month. My son’s birthday is Dec 10th so we make the trip part of his birthday celebration. The crowds are not bad. They are not as light as in September or October but lighter then the summer months. The weather is beautiful. It can be warm in the afternoon and cool to cold in the evenings. And as the other poster said, the decorations are something you really need to see. Normally the parade is taped that weekend at Magic Kingdom. That is the best time to hit the rides. Once the taping stops everyone from Main Street heads on over to the rides. Last year the line for Small World was 90 minutes because of the parade crowd.

Remember, the closer to the holidays the more crowded it gets.


We visited in Dec. of 2002 and haven’t gone at that time since–it was super crowded, and in our experience, second crowdest to the summer months.


We have gone early in Dec. the past two years, and have found it very enjoyable. Definitely less crowded than June, and we have been able to do Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party both times. It is our favorite time to go. I do think that more people are catching on though, and going in Dec.


Early December 2003 was great! Just as empty as early January.

The 2005 crowds may have been from Hurricane postponements???


We love early December too. You get all the great Holiday Decorations and No Crowds!! Plus if you can, go to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party - they are FUN!!


We’ve been the past three years in early December, and I think the difference between then and summertime (our other frequent choice) is like night and day.

Of course, Mousefest, which happens in early Dec, gets bigger and bigger every year. Several hundred people shouldn’t make that big a difference in park attendance, but since they all go to one park at a time, you may notice that.


December is our favorite time to go after our last trip. We were there from Dec 18-22 and it was so nice. Nothing was overly crowded the first couple days, but traffic in the parks did start to pick up on the 21st.


It is also our favorite! Small crowds. MVMCP does sell out on some nights so grab your tickets early


love love love early December! Visited for the first time last year and had a great time. Going back this year with Mom and Dad!!


…I’m still hoping for an early Christmas trip!! :wub: :wub:


It seems like early Dec is getting pretty popular, atleast that first week. I’m thinking of bumping us forward one week to leave Dec 10th, just so we don’t bump into the Mousefest-ers and the taping of the Christmas parade. We really try all we can to avoid the crowds…DH has about as much patience as Maleficient!


I was just looking up crowd levels in the Unofficial Guide. Early December and January are both 4’s–the lowest levels listed these days.


Early Dec, is my favorite time in the parks. The weather is usually great. The Christmas decorations are up and the parks aren’t very crowded. What more can you ask for.


I was there in early December a few years ago - had to be Orlando for a seminar and had an extra couple days layover, so I got a room at AS Movies and went to MK and MGM. From what I could tell at that time, the crowds weren’t bad at all…


We are going to WDW Dec. 15-22, 2006. Should we be concerned with the crowds?


Welcome!! No, I don’t think you should be concerned about the crowds. It will be great. The crowds may increase as you get closer to Christmas but all in all, I think it will be perfect.


I have been twice in early December and LOVE IT!!! The first time was in 2003 and it was practically EMPTY! Then we went in 2004 and it was DEFINITELY more crowded! But NOWHERE NEAR the crowds of summer, thank goodness!!! It is my FAVORITE time to go! All of the parks and hotels are decorated in all of their holiday splendor…it’s so festive!!! :wub:

We will be there from 12/3-12/10 this year!!! YAY!!!


I think it is a wonderful time of year to visit. You get to expereince all of the Christmas decorations, and it is alot less crowded than summer. Plus the weather is alot nicer!