WDW In The Rain


As we prepare to leave for our trip we know we’ll be landing the the morning Irene is supposed to impact our vacation destination. We’re not letting that dampen our spirits so here are our tips on what to do and how to be prepared on rainy days.

  1. Throw on a poncho/rain coat and head to the parks anyway. Orlando always seems to have “pop up thunderstorms” during the HOT months so we always make sure to have our rain gear handy. Plus, we find the parks not as busy while raining.

  2. We always carry our ponchos with us in a backpack, never left in a locker or stroller. Sometimes you get out of an attraction and its raining … always be prepared!

  3. Extra socks if you’re wearing sneakers is very important. Nobody wants to have soggy feet all day.

  4. If wearing sandles or flip flops, a small towel is good for wiping off your feet.

  5. Towels are also good for wiping down seats at outdoor attractions and benches when you want to take a load off.

  6. Plan to have some indoor activities planned. Disney Quest, catching a movie at DTD something that will be fun but dry. If at EPCOT the attraction pavilions are great for passing time while its raining, especially Innoventions.

  7. Hop on the monorail and check out the hotels along there. Lots to see and a lot of fun for passing the time indoors.

  8. Book an appointment for the spa.

What does everyone else do when you want to stay out of the rain while at WDW? :mickey:


-Break out one of the many bottles of wine Pam brings and take out a good book for a few hours.
-Tour since the lines are usually shorter.
-Hit anyhting that has water (Splash MT and Kali) since it doesn’t matter how wet you are at that point


It’s so interesting that our greatest fear last year was prolonged periods of rain, but in the end, our favorite time in WDW was the night it poured for hours and we ventured out to Epcot. We picked up Mickey Ponchos and Mickey umbrellas at our resort on the way out to the buses and then enjoyed Epcot with much lighter crowds.

We love WDW in the rain! :wub::wub:


DD and I once stripped down to our undies in the rest rooms at MK and had to put on new shirts as we were soaked to the bone! Dripping hair, Alice Cooper eyes- yeh…rain soaked is NOT our best look! But Florida rain, is so nice- warm, dramatic, and clears very quickly.


If it becomes a 2 hurricane then you won’t be landing in orlando at all and the paarks will be closed anyway. They close down the airport if the winds are above 55 MPH. Hope it doesn’t hit until you are on the ground but it looks like it may be there on that date.


I like to bring along a extra cheap poncho to spread out on a wet bench. We bring an extra pair of sneakers, to give the wet pair extra time to dry out. Even without bad weather, I like to bring a tiny flashlight to the parks for looking at maps or whatever at night. Sometimes, the indoor rides are too dark and I can’t see where I’m walking.

During hurricane season, we like to bring a real flashlight for the room and extra munchies just in case we are stuck in the room for a bit. And this may sound a bit over the top, I’d pack a few gallon ziplock bags and be ready to fill them with ice and water if we were told to stay in the room. Food courts can run out of food/drink.


From what I’ve read and seen on our Weather Network, its not supposed to be a problem til the evening … and we’re supposed to land by 10am, so hopefully goes well and we actually make it to MCO.


I second the water rides and resort hopping is one of my favorite things for a rainy day. I still have several sets of Mickey ponchos, the cool yellow ones!

My very first experience at WDW was while there for a conference. I had spent 4 miserable days and nights doing presentations at the Dolphin, everytime I wanted to go to the park another Sr Exec would want a demo, finally we had 4 hours before we had to head to the airport, and it was raining. I grabbed one of my guys and we did a whirlwind tour of MK in the rain. No lines and we got on EVERYTHING in 3.5 hours. Back to the Dolphin, change in the restroom and off to the plane.

After that I was hooked ! ! !

Land safe and have a great time.


We either put on our ponchos and plow through it, or sit upstairs at the Railroad Station and people watch for a while.


Nothing beats quality time people watching. Makes for interesting conversation and always a few laughs to be spotted or heard. :happy: