WDW Kennels?


We’re trying to decide whether or not to take our 3-year-old to WDW this Christmas. Oh yeah, she’s a 3-year-old bearded collie (a real-life Shaggy Dog) named Megan. That’s her below…

We’ve had her about a year and a half- we rescued her from a puppy mill in Missouri. It’s been a long road, but she’s doing really well now. She’s very well adjusted and loves to give everybody kisses to show how happy she is to be in her new home.

ANYWAYS – We may take her with us this December to WDW, but aren’t sure. I talked with WDW and the very helpful CM told me that she’d suggest using the kennel at Animal Kingdom, since we’re staying at Pop Century.

My question: Have any members of our dear Mousebuzz family used WDW kennels? I know they’re very nice, but did you find it a hassle to take time out to walk your dog twice a day? (All dogs at WDW kennels must be walked twice a day and Bearded Collies especially need exercise and a good romp.)

We have a reliable doggy-sitter to watch our li’l Meggy Lou while we’re away, but we are still thinking about taking her…

Any comments, suggestions?


Can I comment if I haven’t used the kennels?

If you have a good dog sitter at home I would leave your beautiful dog at home. Sadly, she won’t know where she is and would most likely be happier at home.

I know SoundGod has used the kennels a lot and I’m sure he’ll be able to give you a lot of info.


Oh is she a cutey! I say if you are happy with your dog sitter, leave her at home. She will be more comfortable and happy in her own home.


First check to see if the AK kennel boards overnight. I know that a few years back, only Epcot did, but at that time they were also running an experimental walking program, where CMs would walk your dog a specified number of times each day. There is no one in the kennels at night, if you need to get in and see your dog, you’ll have to contact security to meet you and let you in. Also, your dog may not like it there for whatever reason. The kennels are only manned an hour before that park’s open until one hour after that park’s close, another reason to consider Epcot, which in December closes nightly at 9:30.
I’ll always remember getting the call while in MGM to please come to the Epcot kennel because Boris was basically freaking out in the indoor cage he was in. What we did, and did every other time we brought him, was put him in the outside runs. They are covered and there are vents that blow cooled air. After overnighting him the one time, we only took him up for day trips after that and tried to plan in when we’d get back to the kennel to walk him.
You might want to consider leaving your dog home, as much as you want to bring her. It can be a little extra worrisome, always having in the back of your mind that your dog might not be having as magical a time as you.


I never used the WDW kennels, but I used our vet when we went away. They have a boarding house there! We have a 11 year old Husky (Shadow) I know while away on a WDW vacation, the vet called to tell me Shadow was showing signs of stress (licking the fur off his legs, not pretty) ANYWAY, point being, I now have a dog sitter come and stay at the house, and Shad is SO MUCH happier!!

Someone once told me that every 10 minutes is like a “NEW DAY” for a dog, that said, I think they are happier when they can SMELL it’s home, even if you are not there!!


If Pumouse would pop her lovely head in here she could tell you all about Disney Kennels…she takes her wigglebutt Eddie with her sometimes.:laugh:


I know how hard it is to leave a pet behind while you go on vacation, but I really think it’s best you do. As stated above, you have no idea how she will react. I would leave her in the comfort of her home where she is used to being. It’s best for her in my opinion.


I agree also with leaving your dog at home.
Traveling is very stressful on animals, they dont know what is going on and they dont like it. Being in a kennel or cage, does not give them much freedom and being around strange people. Your dog will have more freedom at home and she will be in her own surroundings and around someone that she knows. Plus you dont know what animals pick up in Kennels.

As much as you want to bring her, think of the stress on her when she could be happy at home and it would save you some $$ too!:happy:


Our business is dogs, and I always feel that the best place for the dog to be is at home, if at all possible. Even clean kennels can have dogs that come in with things like Kennel cough. The kennel can’t be as much fun as your couch.


We have used the kennels at Fort Wilderness, and our puppy was treated as well as we were as guests. That said, I have to agree with a few of the other posters that you should leave your pup at home. He/she will be sad that you are gone, but will be much happier in it’s own surroundings. JMHO.

Ron in the “D”


Thanks for the advice. I think we’ll be leaving Meggy at home this December. The dog-sitter is actually our son (and new daughter in law), who can’t make the trip this time because of work schedules (he’s a firefighter/EMT and she’s a first-year 1st grade teacher). Our poochie will be staying at THEIR house, but she’s stayed there several times and does pretty well, since she loves to play with my son’s Boston terrier. I know she will miss us, but she’ll be OK there.

Thanks again for the tips. I knew I’d get some good info from you folks…


I think you made a good decision. We have great sitters here and have never considered taking our pups to WDW with us…both our family and the dogs are happiest with this arrangement!