WDW Lines App from touringplans.com


I’m still very sad that I can’t get the official WDW app “Mobile Magic” for my Droid. I did find the app: WDW Lines from touringplans.com, and I’m looking forward to using it on my vacation next month. The reviews say it is pretty accurate, but the information is populated by other app owners that are in the parks.

Has anyone else used this app yet?

I still have my fingers crossed that the Mobile Magic will become available on smartphones. It would be nice to have information directly from Disney.


I have a free app called WDW Wait Times that seems to be pretty accurate & easy to use. I don’t subscribe to touringplans.com so I haven’t tried theirs.


I’m going to check out WDW wait times app. Thanks for the info.

I don’t subscribe to tourningplans.com either, but the app showed up when I searched for Disney apps in the android market place. So I thought I would give it a try. I’m anxious to find out how it works.


I used the Lines app in mid March and LOVED it. My best advice is to go by the “Reported Wait Times” and not the Wait Times the app lists on the first page. I found that the Reported Wait Times which were submitted by other users were far more accurate than the times on the main page.


Cool!! Thanks for the feedback. I’ve noticed the difference between the listed wait times on the mainpage and the reported wait times, so I was wondering about that…I can’t wait to try it. (still want mobile magic though…can you tell I’m pouting…)


What about the “BEST PARKS” and the “PARKS TO AVOID”… was that accurate? would you plan your day by that?:huh:


I didn’t really pay much attention to the Best Park or Park to Avoid features so I can’t really speak to that. We just base the parks we visit on our ADRs (how sad is it that I plan everything around food?? Ha)

Of course, while we were there, it was spring break madness and virtually all the parks could have been considered parks to avoid!


Just FYI I also found an app called Ride Hopper. It works for a lot of the parks in the US, not just for Disney. It is based on user reported wait times and you can “check in” for a ride and “check out” when you are done and it will keep track of your total wait time and report it for you. Just used it while we were at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and it worked great. I think it was $0.99 for the app.

I have not used the WDW lines app yet, but I do have it. I will let you know how it worked when I get back later this month.


I found an App for WDw on my Sprint Reclaim phone that I used to have on my lotus. This tell me the times each park is open for the day, parade and showtimes, where the characters are at which times, retaurants wait times and fast pass times. If tells me if FPes are done for the day and a descrption for the wait times “heavy” or “moderate”…it’s not the mobile magic being advertised, but it’s pretty cool. BTW it was free.


Also, I used the “Lines” program on my BlackBerry. Don’t think I mentioned that in my earlier post.