WDW Little Mermaid Ride Question


Late 2013? Why such a long wait :glare: Haha. But is it seriously going to be just like the one in Disneyland, besides Eric’s castle and what not!? Not that I was disappointed but I feel that there could have been A LOT more like the Ursala battle scene.

Does anyone here know anything?


You’ve been given incorrect dates. Bits of the attraction are already being tested. That area and Belle’s area are scheduled to open this year as “phase 2” of Fantasyland. In fact, it was originally scheduled for late summer. I think now it is going to open closer to the holiday season, but it is definitely close to completion and will open this year and not next year!


I am sooooo glad to hear this :happy:


When u sau holida season…any chance that could span as far as the last week in October? Lol


Rowdy, I think you need to talk to them and get it done by September. :cool:


—no August—done by August----


I would be happier with smallwords sugestion of august for pice of mind - we booked our vacation a long time ago so we could be part of the expansion whilst in its infancy - as disney said way back in 2010 that it would be open by 2012 just like the poster shows 2012.:pirate:

I’m so disappointed that the mine train and more will not be open this year :crying:


I agree. I’m going 1st or 2nd week in January 2013 and was expecting everything to be open. From what I’ve heard just about everything in Fantasyland will be open except the mine train ride.


I’d like to remind everyone that my Disney nametag says “Matt” and not “Bob,” as in Bob Iger :tongue:


I’m waiting for finished product. It’s killing me to do so but with regular doses of MB I think I may survive.


Roll the dice and make it September 15! Since we are foodies, I would love to see the new restaurants open. We have actually been lucking out and getting great reservations for our trip though.


Smart move :closedeye


Well, then, call Bob and have him talk to them.


After talking with one of my managers last night, the earliest I can work you guys in for anything is a possible soft opening for Ariels area in September with an official opening in October, and a possible soft opening for Belle’s area in October, with the opening in November, both areas up and running in good in time for the Thanksgiving crowds.


Wow, Matt, that is great news. Thanks for the scoop. I will keep my fingers crossed for those dates!


Oh cool! And is the ride the same as Disneyland? Or will there be extra scenes?


Good job. You stay on him.