WDW Magic Kingdom Street Party


Disney dance party

Walt Disney World will premier a daily, live-entertainment event called the “Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It! Street Party” in the Magic Kingdom in February.

The event, combining a parade and a dance party, will begin at Town Square and move down Main Street USA to the rhythms of contemporary pop songs such as “Breakout” by Miley Cyrus . The parade will include floats, stilt walkers and Disney characters. Visitors will be encouraged to mix, mingle and dance in the street during the 12- to 15-minute party.

“This is the main idea of the show – to have the opportunity to play and dance with the characters,” Disney Entertainment Producer Gary Gutierrez explained in a note to passholders.


That sounds like great fun and also will give many more visitors the opportunity to be a part of the live entertainment- thanks for the info


Interesting…is this replacing the 3pm parade then? I don’t remember the MK having an interactive parade except for the family fun parade or whatever it was called. It sounds cute…I guess they got inspired by the HS parade…can’t wait to see this.


Reading stuff like this REALLY makes me want to go back. This does sound a little like the parade at Hollywood Studios and we really enjoyed ourselves at that one; especially catching the stress balls!! Can’t wait to check this one out soon.


Weird because doesn’t this sound like the Block Party Bash in MGM? Still sounds fun! Anything in Disney i’m sure is fun and magical!

  • Justin


i agree with you!


Sounds like a BLAST!! I don’t think it will replace the main parade . . . it sounds more like a short crowd pleaser . . . can’t wait to see it!


This will be a must do in March!! I hope its up & running by then, DD5 loves to do the interacting dancing stuff…in sept she couldnt wait to get out & dance with the HSM party & is also Looking forward to the HSM3 show in HS!!
Love the interactive ‘parades’


I heard this mentioned during the Christmas parade on TV. They showed some concept art. I hope to hear more about this. It sounds like fun, although similar to Block Party Bash. Maybe Rowdy can chime in and give us some more info.


I agree it sounds great similar to HS but not quite. I didn’t care so much for the block party at HS. I miss the old parade with the cars…I thought they were pretty cool. We also sat at the bend just missing the first round of the parade but not quite ideal for the second. It was hot and a long time to wait for the action. It sounds like the MK one will solve this problem.


Sounds like fun. Thanks for the info!


How long will this daily parade run? Through the summer, fall, winter???


Ooooo this sounds like something I’m going to love!! I adored the blockparty bash even if we did only ever somehome manage to catch the end of it! I love the high energy and the dancing and the music! Fantastic - even in the heat! This should be great, I hope its still there for whenever we next get to go (possibly Aug2010!)


yup that sounds exactly like the block party!!! hopefully it’s as cool! I love them.


Sounds like something even the boys will like - cool! DS5 loves to dance.