WDW Marathon Weekend 2012


So I’m running my first Half marathon in November. If it goes well (meaning I finish upright!) I thought the WDW half in January 2012 would be a great excuse to head back to Disney World. Has anyone done participated in any of the Marathon weekend races? All of our past WDW trips have been 6-8 days~ is this experience worth the trip from VA for just a four day weekend? (we would still fly to Orlando)…


I never have, but a few ppl on here have. Congrats on your undertaking!


I haven’t run a half at WDW, but would love to run the full…maybe someday. I have run 3 half-marathons though. You’ll do fine. Remember that there’s no shame in walking some if you need to (I personally run/walk all of my runs.) One thing I’ve learned is to listen to your body. I’ve found that although I do my training with my watch, my best races have been without. Then I go with how I feel instead of what I “should” do. Good luck! I love half-marathons!


One thing I did want to add…watch the registration for the half. Half-marathons are growing in popularity, so don’t wait until the last minute, it may fill up. November may be pushing it, so you may want to think about the Princess Half that’s a little later.


I ran the Half Marathon last year and had the most wonderful time. Really top notch race, full of Disney surprises. Only my DW and I went due to school commitments. Even my DW was impressed (and she does not care for running).

I have registered and I am going back again this year! Come along!!! :flowers:

You can PM me for any particulars.

The race is currently 53% full. Do not wait too long. It will fill up and close before the race. Last year there were almost 22,000 finishers.

And BTW - good for you for getting started!


It is a good race. It used to fill up within weeks of opening registration, but after a few years of bad weather, it seems to take longer to reach capacity now.
You need to prepare to run in either very hot or very cold weather, because temps can vary widely.
Train carefully and wisely, and remember to KEEP MOVING AFTER THE RACE!!! If you rest too much afterwards, your muscles will lock up on you.

Have fun! My first half marathon was at WDW and it is one of the best memories of my life. :smile:


I have done the half three times and the full once down there. If you love Disney it is worth going for 4 days. One year I made the mistake of going to the parks many days in a row and then doing the half. Had too many “park” miles on my feet. Finished but not in the time I wanted. Running through the Castle is terrific every time.

This year they are also doing the Chip and Dale Marathon relay where two people each run a half marathon on Sunday (first person does Epcot and MK and second does AK and the Studios). The Half on Saturday is very crowded and this allows more people to do the half plus adds two new medals to encourage people to come back.


Glad to hear so many people from this website will be participating. This is my first 1/2 marathon. We arrive Friday, run the 1/2 Saturday, son-in-law runs Sunday and then we don’t leave til the following saturday. That should give us plenty of recoup time.