WDW Marathon


When are the WDW Marathon dates announced? We will be in WDW from 12/24 through 1/6/07. My DH believes that the marathon runs during first week of January. Also does anyone know what the marathon route is? Do they run through all the parks or just one? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


I’ll assume you are talking about the running marathon by the dates you mentioned.

It proably won’t be the first weekend, its normally the 3rd weekend. For 2006 it was a different weekend due to conflicting events.

There are 2 different routes the full marathon and that goes through all the parks around 26 miles, then there is the half marathon and it goes through all except the AK if I remember correctly. The marathon is also a early riser event I think it starts at 5am.


You’re right Top Princess: marathon weekend is the first week in January. It’s January 5th thru 8th for 2007.

This year was the first year they split up the races, so now both days of the weekend are clogged up with runners. You’d do well to avoid Epcot those days as the parking lot is used for the start/finish for the half marathon on Saturday and the full on Sunday.

The half starts at 6am Saturday and goes up World Dr, through the MK and back down to Epcot.
The full starts at 6am Sunday in Epcot and goes around Epcot before going up World Dr to the MK, then goes down Bear Island Dr to AK, then snakes back up through MGM, then comes up the back way past the Boardwalk and YC/BC, and enters Epcot through the Int’l Gateway and ends in Epcot.


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