WDW merchandise


I just called and ordered a space mountain picture frame. All they had was the 8x10 which could be used for a 5x7, they even called over to the store to verify. The way they described it though was that it was made out of cardboard with space mountain design paper on it. Does anyone have one they can show me or better describe it? I would feel better knowing it is decent quality after paying $25 after shipping. Thanks!


I think i know service can help you


$25 for shipping??? Holy cannoli. That’s like buying two frames. I hope it’s worth it.


Holy crap! $25? WOW.


Did Mickey personally deliver it?


I didn’t read it that way, that the shipping was $25. It seemed to me the total, including shipping, was $25. FanofDisney, can you clarify?


I read it that way too… which probably would be about right :slight_smile: