WDW Mini Golf


So on the first day of our May trip DW and I are thinking of checking out one of the mini golf course for the first time. What I’m wondering is which course is the better course to go to or at least more enjoyable?


WInterSummerland’s courses are easier than Fantasia Gardens’ courses.
I think there’s more shade at WinterSummerland, which is something some people consider.
Oh, another thing, it’s easier to get to WinterSummerland because it’s at Blizzard Beach without a car than it is to get to Fantasia Gardens, which is across the street from the Swan and not served by any bus from anywhere.


I do know that the one course at Fantasia is more like a true golf course but on a minature scale and very challenging.


We always do Fantasia. There are 2 courses. One is plain and the other themed. We do the themed one regularly.


We love Fantasia, (the themed one). It’s just fun. We did Winter/Summerland and I admit I’m a bit biased against it, because it was so hot that day we all felt sick. It was fun - but once was enough for us. We’ll go back to Fantasia next time. DH and DD are golfers so they like the challenge of the more challenging coarse - just for fun.


We did both sides of winter Summerland because we had so much fun doing the first course. Might have taken more pics than we actually putted though!!! Hoping to try Fantasia this year because we have the car and couldn’t figure out how to get there on the bus system, though I never put all that much effort into figuring it out!


Thanks for all the info I think we are leaning more towards Winter Summerland.


We spend a lot of time at both courses. The only main difference for us is that we wont go near Fantasia Gardens on a hot day. There is absolutely no shade, lol. Its great at night, though. WinterSummerland is fun too. I dont think you can go wrong with either one of them.


I think it’s a matter of age. When our kids were young, they liked the WinterSummerland, now that they are college age, they like Fantasia.

The note above about transportation is significant though. If you’re onsite without a car and using bus service only, Fantasia is not at all convenient.


Getting to Fantasia is quite simple, just go to The Disney Studio and take the boat to the SWan and then walk over to it. We do that each time we go to WDW. But do it either late afternoon or early evening in the summer because there is no shade at all on either of the courses. We love the regular golf course.