WDW Minnie Marathon Training


I took my first Minnie Marathon training walk today,and if the race were held tomorrow,I probably could do the 1 mile without totally collapsing!! I probably would come in last,but I would make it!!! I’m starting to think I might be able to do the 5K,but I will have to see about that in a couple months. Anyway,wish me luck!!! :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey:


Yay! Mickaholic, I’m praying for you - and GOOD FOR YOU!

Way to go!


Thats great!
Good luck and keep up the good work.


thats awesome! congrats!
Keep working and you won’t come in last :happy:

Is the Minnie Marathon at WDW too? That sounds like something I’d be interested in, but only if you can walk it.


You go mickaholic!!! :smile:


Keep doing the mini walking…daily. Work up to twice a day. Get up early and walk before the sun is even rising and then have another walk after you have dinner. You will see youself being able to do it with ease in a matter of weeks. Extend the amount you walk once a month even if it’s just by a block. Listen to energy music on headphones (not at full blast as to hear cars). You can do it. I into the walking big time and available for any help or tips you want. Just let me know.


People really do this? :tongue: :pinch:


good Luck Alma you can do it


PT,the Minnie Marathon is a walking race. I’d never be able to do a running race!!!


awesome! Good for you :biggrin: Walking is my way of working out…not a runner.
Keep up the good work and keep us posted :mickey:


Good for you Alma!! Keep it going!! :happy:


Congrats, you will do it and you WILL finish the 5k, we have faith!!! Keep workin’ at it and it will come :smile:


Thanks all!!! :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: I did my second walk this morning,and one of the problems of actually going outside and walking is when nature calls and you’re not near a chateau du necessary!!! :eek: :eek: I guess I’ll do better tomorrow. :laugh: :laugh:


I think it’s just awesome that you are doing this mickaholic!

When is the Minnie Marathon?


The Minnie Marathon is the first week in May,DD.