WDW Music


I looked and looked for all the theme songs on a CD and could not find one anywhere. I found CD’s that had songs from a lot of the movies on it but none that had the opening songs, songs during the shows etc. Does anyone know where I can download some of the theme songs from WDW?


We have a couple of these and they’re really good!


Sorry, I just realized you asked for download information. I responded with CDs to buy! Oops. :blush:


Check out Ready 2 Go 's thread with all kinds of cool stuff you can keep.

(He’s got a cool car you can take, too. But don’t tell him I told you.)


Some cool stuff at these links.:smile:

Disneyworld sounds here.:smile:
Disney World sounds and music

Main Page for Sound of Magic

If you click on “Sound of Magic” this is the page you go to. Then click the park links on the left of the page.:smile:
The Sounds of Magic

Some from Disneyland here.:smile:
Disneyland Sounds


awesome stuff! Happy holidays everyone! luv your avatar ak172! i luv Tink! :slight_smile: