WDW Not #1?


I saw this article on Yahoo today and after searching there were several articles that did not list WDW or DL as the top amusement park. Is anyone else surprised?

Secrets of the World?s Best Amusement Park | Breakout - Yahoo! Finance


Not surprised at all. I don’t really consider Disney the same as a Cedar Point Great Adventure, etc. who has all the thrill rides, etc. Disney is more of an experience park and resort. Disney does have thrill rides, but the other parks, that is all they have. Disney has more shows, attractions and rides which makes it a total vacation resort for the entire family whether you want to go on rides or not.


Sort of like comparing apples and oranges, isn’t it? I don’t think they even fall into the same category. How can you compare this to Disney Parks and say it comes down to rollercoasters? Who did they survey - 13 year old boys? I also get the feeling that “the World” in this case is the USA. There’s no mention of parks in any other countries. If you’re going to claim you’re the “World’s” best amusement park, then I want to see some comparisons - with the World.


Not shocked. Disney is a Vacation Destination so you get the amenities of that with amusement park attractions. Cedar Point and others are Amusement Parks with some Vacation Destination amenities.

I don’t know any WDW regular that will tell you they go to WDW for the rides.


I agree they are very different. I guess by industry standards an amusement is an amusement park. Even though the parks offer a different experience I was still expecting Disney to rank number one overall.


Disney is a package experience not just the tangible but the feeling and emotion. An amusement park you go go thru the rides you want and leave. With disney you get the whole experience. Even if you dont go on all the rides.


You got it right. My DH and I have had the best times sitting on benches, watching the sunset, fireworks, etc. Back in the day with kids, drive for a few hours to dorney park, run around, hauling stuff all day, drive home. Now being able to not worry about a car or better yet, walking from a park to resort is the best.


I’ve been to CP and I’m a Disney AP holder. I kind of consider Disney to be all under one park, so it is by far the best for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love CP and am planning a trip with my roommates to get back up there. They’ve never been and if you’re a coaster junkie, it’s a no-brainer. They have one of my three favorite coasters (Millenium Force, which goes with Manta in SeaWorld Tampa and El Toro in Six Flags, NJ) and I can’t wait to try Gatekeeper. However, Disney is…well, Disney. Simply the best.


Wait, have you guys read the article? It says that Disneyland and Magic Kingdom came in fifth and seventh… who the heck votes on this stish, and what’s the criteria??? This is the website with the results… Park & Ride Winners - 2013 Golden Ticket Awards | Presented by Amusement Today It looks like someone’s homemade garbage, and results are heavily dependent on the number of rollercoasters. I wouldn’t take this seriously at all.