WDW - Not All That Expensive


Quick story:

It is my soon to be 12 year old son’s birthday this week. He really wanted to go to this place in the mall with 6 of his friends. It is the kind of place were you pay one price for a hour of fun. For that hour you get video games, bumper cars and a few other rides included as much as you can do them. They had a blast but IMO it was nothing all that special. That hour was $25 a kid!!! :blink: When I live moments like this, $75 to spend all day at a Disney Theme Park seems very reasonable to me!:laugh:


EVERYTHING is expensive these days - I agree - at least with WDW you have so much enjoyment and entertainment in a fantastic setting. I shudder when I think what I spent over Christmas.:pinch:


$25 per kid per hour? A full day at Disney Quest costs less than $40 pre adult and $33 per kid under 10. That’s all day video gaming fun, plus all kinds of simulators.
Even Great Adventure and Dorney Park are only about $50 for the day.


Which is one of the reasons I buy an annual pass for my heir apparent… :cool:

Less than a dollar a day… :wub:


Wow, that really puts it into perspective, doesn’t it? I figured out a long time ago that it’s costing $84 per day per person for room, parks and dining plan. Not to bad when you lot at it that way.


Ever been to Dave & Busters, that mall gmae room/ burger place? I am still paying off our last visit from last year! Grrrrr.


$25 a kid …wow. The things we do to make our kid’s birthday special. I know what you mean. I am sending mine skiing with her school for her birthday. $250 + spending money for two stupid days…you have any idea what I could do at WDW with that money? LOLOL I equate everything with WDW in terms of money. WDW isn’t as expensive as people make it out to be. The airfare is what kills me…the rest is nothing to save.


I agree with all of you. Welcome to Northern NJ prices!:laugh:

I miss the days of a birthday just being punch and pie.:blink:


Isn’t that the truth!

We stopped doing “kids” parties a few years ago. It just gets too out of hand. Not too mention, you cant invite everyone, then you get hurt feelings… forget it. Just family for birthdays these days… and it is just food with Cake & Ice cream. My kids don’t mind one bit, so I know I am doing something right.


I feel you pain! Last year DD wanted to have her party at Libby Lu ( hair-make up place for girls) . The price per kid was outrageous! Instead I got a Ding fair on SW airlines, and we stayed at POP with the passholders rate. I think I saved $$$$$!


My daughter is taking four friends to see Hannah Montana in 3D. Tickets are $15 a piece…a little pricey but I get to avoid a sleepover. It will be a home made cake and icecream before we leave and that is it.
I think Disney is a good deal, in particular if you stay for a longer period of time. We always rent a house because it is cheaper and we can save a lot on meals. We added two extra days on to our last trip. For a family of five it was only about $25 days and we got two extra water park and more options. I feel like we got our money worth.


My kids are way past birthday parties - but you’re absolutely right. I use to drive myself to distraction thinking up the perfect “theme”, the perfect food, the perfect setting.

Once they turned 12 I laid down the rule: lunch at the restaurant of their choice with family only. And they never minded a bit either (I think they were relieved not to have to watch their mother turn into this madwoman every year).


AARRGGHHH! The dreaded “sleep-over”, the one in which NO ONE sleeps, including the parents!


That’s all we’ve ever done. We have close family over for the first cookout of the season and have cake and ice cream. Nate gets a party and we don’t have to host 30 kids.


You mean it was only seasonal back then?? :eek:

Just sayin… :laugh:


or how about Mickey D’s birthday parties ~ $6 a kid, food and cake and entertainment included…ah, if they were only 5 years old again…


DD is going to a laser tag Bday party next weekend. We have taken our kids there just for fun and it is reg. $8.00 for 20 minutes. I can’t image how much these parents are going to shell out for a 1 1/2 bday party.


We had my son’s 4th birthday at the Gulfarium (three and a half years ago :crying: ). He got to feed the dolphin and it included all the shows, lunch and cake for everyone. It ended up costing us over $400 (I really don’t remember exactly how much, I’ve blocked it from my memory!) – amazing how we’ll have 6 kids at a skating party – but 15 with two parents each show up for a “free” day at the Gulfarium! LOL I should have seen it coming and put in the invitation that adults could cover their own entry…oh well! He had a blast and we learned some valuable birthday party lessons!!


I used to work at a local theme park and the admission prices were “very reasonable” - only $7 per adult and $5 per kid, I believe, during the summer I was there.

However, there were several “E-ticket” attractions that were not included, and tickets for those had to be purchased separately. Most of them were 4-6 ‘tickets’ per ride, and the tickets were $1.25 apiece.

Since there wasn’t a lot other than those E-ticket attractions, it was pretty much a given that people were going to be spending a lot more than $7 after they walked through the gates.

PLUS the theme park is on a major slope, and all that walking created super appetites/thirst. One of the free attractions - the live fairy tale theater - is all the way at the top of the hill, and by the time people got there, they were thrilled to see the fully-stocked snack shack. :dry: Believe me, the owners of this place know EXACTLY what they are doing!

I once did the math while I was working there, and estimated that a family with 2 adults and 2 children could expect to spend a bare minimum of $175 at the park in one day - and that’s without souvenirs! :whistling

Considering the scale of that park versus DL/WDW (the whole park was probably the size of Frontierland/Adventureland combined), I definitely can say which one is the better deal! :laugh:


Let’s do not forget the clown at 125$ :angry: for 45 minutes :ohmy: with a list of rules including “I do not accept kids using the balloon as swords because of violence …” …I guess I shouldn’t of chosen a pirate theme :blush:

So compare to a full day at a Disney park…