WDW or DL?


We are planning an August trip and I guess we are wondering where you would rather go. WDW or DL? We haven’t been to DL since what maybe 2000? So that would be 10 years ago. I love going to WDW because of all the parks and would love to go back because i’m a huge Disney fan but yet again as I said I haven’t been to DL in a long time. Also another issue is going to DL is very expensive. The hotels are crazy there! Plus I didn’t find a lot to do when I went there. So I need your help and suggestions. WDW or DL?


I would prefer going to Walt Disney World because of all the parks. So many more things to see and do.


I know they are always re-inventing various parks, but right now CA Adventure is going through some big changes.

I would wait until next year when they are all done. We live in CA and are considering taking a year off of having season passes to wait until it’s all done.

As far as the question of which one is better the answer is “neither”. They are both unique in their own way and should both be experienced by people who consider themselves Disney fanatics.

You need half the time here in CA than you do in Florida because, hey, they have twice as many parks in Florida…duh…lol

There are many things to do close to DL. Knotts Berry Farm is an amusement park that is just a 10 minute drive from the DL hotel and is a great day trip.

There is also Hollywood, Malibu and many other things to see in the area.


I agree with the evansfmly…wait until the CA Adventure makeover is done to make a trip to DL.

I have only visited DL once and am so glad I did, but WDW will always be my first choice.


if its just about the parks,my choice would be WDW ,I live here in socal,DLR is a 2 day plus adventure but to really enjoy WDW ,you would need at least a week,on the weather side at that time of year I would give the nod to DLR although it will rprobaly be warm,it in most cases won’t be humid,If you are just park people and are not going to range away from the resorts that would go to WDW, acity within a city,in socal you will have to move around quite a bit to enjoy other surroundings,but if it were up to me I vaction to WDW trumps DLR ,for obvious reasons ,and since DLR is only 75 minutes away I never really consider it a vacation more of a 3 day get away…good luck with your decision ,oh almost forgot,the dining plan that is sometimes free sometimes starts in mid to late aug I think that might also be consideration,that happens at WDW


I prefer WDW for the following reasons:

  1. cheaper to fly to
  2. faster to fly to
  3. more parks and more to do
  4. more parks and more to do = longer vacation for me!


I prefer WDW, but DL is so different, you really have to appreciate it for what it is. There are things there you can’t get at WDW and vice versa. And yes, there have been many changes since you were there last.
Besides, there are a lot of different things to do while in CA besides DL.