WDW Parks to close early on August 13, 2004!


Based on information from the National Weather Service and emergency preparedness officials, Walt Disney World theme parks except Disney’s Animal Kingdom will be open from 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. today. Blizzard Beach will be open from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Typhoon Lagoon and Downtown Disney will be closed for the day.

An abbreviated schedule will provide entertainment for the tens of thousands of Resort guests staying on Walt Disney World property. Local residents and off-site guests are encouraged to reschedule their theme park visits until the inclement weather passes.

All Walt Disney World Resort hotels will remain open throughout the storm. Guests staying at Disney’s Ft. Wilderness Resort & Campground have been relocated to other hotels on property.

The Walt Disney World Resort has an extensive hurricane preparedness plan, and is staffed and prepared for a realm of possible impacts this type weather could have across property.


I hope all will be safe!!! WDW is taking the right precautions I feel!!! My thoughts and prayers are with all in Florida!!!



I’ll never complain about the English weather again!

Well of course I will actually, but I’ll try to put it in perspective. I have a few friends over there at present so I hope it all passes over safely. Here’s hoping!! :smile:


BTW. Just thought on. Isn’t today Friday 13th? Not 14th


Wow! Rowdy Raider was serious about that extra planning they were doing. Seems its not a back-up plan at present. I know there will be a few dissappointed WDW guests, but I hope they understand that WDW is just taking the necessary precautions for everyone’s safety. Heck, if they are moving FW guests to resorts, the storm is as good as there. I hope all is safe and everyone takes it in stride and has a good time with the entertainment being provided at the resorts. You can’t control the weather. Even at WDW…lol Hope all goes well and that everyone is safe. :flowers:


love your new avatar! :heart:


Thanks! :smile:


This is what my friend’s away message says on AIM. She’s a current CM at MGM.

Disney: The only company crazier than the post office. :smile: Gone to work in a hurricane.

Just thought I’d pass that along!! She was hoping for it to close early, even though these are her last couple days working down there!


Hey Mickey! Does that mean we all have to edit our posts to read 13th instead of 14th? LOL!! But do we have the power??? :laugh:


This is what I get for posting at 7 AM, and not looking at a calendar prior to typing. I guess you can edit your post, but it might look funny if it said:

BTW. Just thought on. Isn’t today Friday 13th? Not 13th


Doh! Got me!!! :redface:


All joking aside, what’s the latest on the weather in Florida? :sad:


Well apparently the storm has made it’s turn and now looks like the Fort Myers area is where it will end up making landfall. That means we’ll see more rain down here! So Orlando should get spared somewhat…


And now it’s a category 4 hurricane with 145 mph winds…they are calling it a life threatening situation and it should hit around 3.


145 mile per hour winds? Holy flying cow, Batman! I guess the people over at Universal Studios can advertise “Twister: The Reality Experience”

Thoughts are with the people in Florida right now.


I hope everyone was safe!