WDW poem


Hey Guys, I just felt like sharing this with you. It is my tribute to the happiest place on Earth:

                                 Disney World

In the real World,
You’re faced with chaos, stress, and fear.
But then a man and a mouse,
Made a magical world appear.

Full of magic, wonder
And being happy when you don’t know why.
With a little faith, trust and pixie dust,
You can learn how to fly.

Being at Disneyworld where dreams come true,
And time is never bland.
Just make a wish upon a star,
And soar to this wonderful land

hope you like it :happy: :happy:


That is very nice :smile: Thanks for sharing.


thanx :happy:


I LOVED it!! Thank you. I especially liked the highlighted part above :wink: I should also add that it’s worked many times for me :happy:

:heart: THANK YOU FOR SHARING!!! :heart:


thanx a lot :happy: :happy: it makes feel so happy when people like my poems


who wrote it? I :heart: it sigh


Thank you for thinking of us.


Hey, that was nice. I gotta say, I feel the same way about WDW. Thanks for sharing your work with us, and…


That’s really nice, thanks for sharing it with us.


Awww. That was nice. :flowers:
Walt would be touched! :mickey:


Welcome to DC! Nice poem-Thanks for sharing!! :heart:


I wrote it. thanx


That was wonderful! THank you, TG!


Very nice! Welcome to DC!!!