WDW pregnant


So how will wdw be four to five months pregnant? I know it’s not to far along, but these last three to four weeks have been hard with morning sickness and stuff.


WDW is pregnant??? :blink: :huh: :laugh:

Sorry, that’s the first thing that crossed my mind when I read the title. :blush: My next thought is, I’d guess it depends on the weather. As in how hot it is. I’ve never been pregnant so I can’t otherwise respond to your post. But I’ll bet lots of others around here will have great insight to that! Hmm, maybe your baby’s first words will be “I wanna go back to Disney World!” since he/she will already have been there. :laugh:


It was the first time EVER I was able to actually chill at Disney! My experience was at Disneyland. I just played it moment to moment by how I felt. And I really took time to enjoy the theming on the queues, since that was all I got to experience of many rides! :laugh:

I had a really good trip, just taking things as they came.

Oh, and I rode Peter Pan a LOT. :laugh:


I went for a day when I was about 5 months pregnant-to the AK. It was really hot, so I drank constantly that day. It was really fun, but I took it easy on rides that day. I did do the safari (just asked to sit up front). I think that we were there in June. We had a really good time, but I was exhausted by the end of the day. Just make sure to sit and rest even when you don’t think that you need it!


Maybe jsut avoid the rides that you think might make you feel queasy… I think after the first trimester, the morning sickness sort of fades away? I never had it, but my mom pals who did have morning sickness did feel better after the first three months!

I hope you have a wonderufl time! Just think… the new baby’s first trip to WDW, sort of! LOL


:laugh: Me too! I wondered "Now how could that have happened?:confused: ":laugh:
It’s been a long time since I was pregnant, but we’ve got so many new mommies. I’d make it clear to the family that you’re not going to be able to move as fast, do as many rides, need more rest, etc. Why not take a different approach and book some time at a Spa, spend more time in Epcot (where you can browse the World Showcase casually), relax by the pool. Not everything about WDW has to be the parks and rides. Let Daddy take over when you don’t feel up to it. Most of all, have a wonderful time.:happy:


drink lots of water, and take advantage of those baby stations if you get tired and need an air conditioned rest. it’s for the baby and you, to rest…

get a good plan, so that you aren’t feeling rushed, you’ll have a great time!


I was 5 mos with Emily when we went in 1997. There were a few rides I had to pass on and we would sit down and snack more than we would sit down and have a full meal because it was easier on both the legs and the stomach that way. I made sure we had plenty of water too- But all in all it was very easy because instead of commando I had a reason to slow down and enjoy the trip.


LOL, wdw is pregnant, a new park shall be born, lol, I wish!!!

Lots of breaks will be great!! And I love food, although not so much right now, I just hope the morning sickness subsides before we get there!!!


I don’t really do that many rides to begin with. So that wont be to much of a big deal. Maybe I’ll take more pictures :laugh:


Jen- I wish I had digital pics of my belly at WDW! I swear people were staring at my huge basketball belly! I went at 7 months, and had a great time. Of course, I didn’t do my usual rides, but I spent alot of time sitting on benches just enjoying looking around at all the “details”.


I’ve gone to parks pregnant and all I do is drink water and go to shows. The show areas are typically inside and cooler, but when outsite it allows me to sit and rest. Also, most all parks have mothers/nursing mother’s huts, and I had scouted these areas out before arrival so that if I needed to get inside and be comfortable there was a place for me to go that everyone knew where to find me…


I was there when I was 5 months pregnant, but it was in June so it was HOT. I only got really tired at Animal Kingdom. That park is always warmer. I enjoyed other aspects of the parks. Just enjoy yourself and listen to your body. You will be fine. We always joke that my son has been there 3.5 times since I was pregnant for his first trip.:laugh:


I didn’t go to WDW preggo, but I went to DL when I was 8 months pregnant…whew! :rolleyes: :laugh: That was an adventure!

Drinks tons of water and don’t be afraid to sit down a lot…you will thank yourself at the end of the day.

Being pregnant didn’t stop me from doing much of anything, except Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain…I was able to enjoy everything else just fine and I have to admit that the walking actually felt good for the most part. I didn’t feel fat, pregnant and sluggish like I did when I sat at home. :laugh: You should be able to have a great time - just don’t let yourself get dehydrated!!!


Me too!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


I went to WDW four and a half months pregnant for 10 days. I really enjoyed it but it was really REALLY hot (it was August). Just plan some downtime and dont overdo it. Make sure to plan a day in there to just relax (I didn’t and ended up crashing half way through and spent a day sleeping in the hotel. Any questions in particular you have Ill see what I remember.
I did have really bad morning sickness with Elyse that lasted till she was born. Just remember to drink a lot of water and snack. I brought snacks into the park with me that I know wouldn’t make me too sick. I did get some motion sickness bands (they go around your wrist) and that helped a bunch with the morning sickness.


I went to WDW when I was pregnant in dec of 1999 and Dec 0f 2004. The weather was mild both times. It was very nice. I skipped a lot of the rides and enjoyed the shows. I watched the parades while others in our group went on rides. I had a lot of Mickey Bars and did not feel guilty!
Take your time and enjoy the parks.


I went when I was 6 or 7 months. I cant remember which and its too early to do the math :laugh: but I do remember we went in May and it was HOT and my legs felt like they were going to fall off and I was about to die but I did get to experience fireworks while riding Dumbo with my then 2 year old. ( She is now about to turn 10) Also I remember wanting to eat EVERYTHING I seen.


So far I have had some pretty challenging morning sickness, so I will have to look into those bands. I am hoping that since it seems to be slowing down, It will stop completely by the time we go, I always want to eat everything, lol, so I am sure it will be just the same!


I found that bringing something with substance would help with the mornign sickness- I would use peanutbutter crackers because the peanut butter would keep the blood sugars up - I also would carry a bottle of either sunny delight or orange juice with me to sip on even when I was not feeling sick- it seemed to keep it at a dull roar. Seabands worked incredibly for my sister in law but they irritated me and I hated that tight band feeling. There is also a medicine they can give you at the doctors office- you can ask about it. I dont remember what its called.