WDW President Gets Promotion


Al Weiss, the longtime president of Walt Disney World, has been promoted to a new position in which he will oversee Disney’s park operations worldwide. Weiss has been in charge of the Orlando parks since 1994. Choosing a successor could take up to a year, according to Disney, during which time Weiss will continue to oversee WDW on an interim basis. Read more details.


hmmmm I wonder if that has anything to do with Eisner’s departure?


Does this mean his job is open? I know a terrific little hausfrau up in Jersey who would be aces in that position! Goes by the name of MissDisney…

OK, maybe I could just slide into a spot at the bottom of the ladder, after everyone else at WDW moves up one notch to fill in where he left off … hmmm. Lightbulb moment!!!


Sorry,Miss Disney,I already have the position!!!


From what I’ve read about Al Weiss, he seems pretty cool. In fact, it looks like Bob Iger is doing pretty good things with Disney so far.


Yes, Al Weiss is pretty cool. My wife and I have met him at a couple of functions and he is a genuinely nice man who cares very much about WDW. I hope his replacement is cut from the same mold.


Hahaha… well, at least you would have a better commute to work than me!


Yep,I wouldn’t mind the commute for a job like president of WDW!!