WDW Question (4th of July vs. Christmas)


We are seriously planning a trip in 2009 but want to know a few things… we’ve watched the Travel Channel WDW Christmas special and really want to go…

> Is it really crowded there after Christmas (12/26 & after); DD will be on winter break during that time, so we won’t have to pull her out of school, so we really can’t go before.
> If it is crowded (assuming it is), how long in advance should we plan?

4th of July
> Is it crowded at this time as well? Assuming it is but maybe not as crazy as Christmas.
> Does WDW do anything over the top for the 4th?

Pros :laugh: and Cons :ohmy: for each? (e.g. weather, booking, etc.)


Anytime school is out, it is crowded. I would say that 4th of July is lighter, but not much. The fireworks for the 4th of July are supposed to be amazing. I believe there was a write up on it recently on Allears.net. Christmas time is great, but I would go before rather than after. There is so much going on that can get you into the Christmas spirit. Usually once Christmas has arrived, I am done with it. I was there in Jan 2005 and they were still playing Christmas music and some decorations were still up. It was time for it all to be over.


I’ve been there for both, both are crowded. 4th of July is HOT, Christmas is not. But Christmas is soooo decorated. 4th is great for fireworks. But Christmas has special fireworks also. 4th is one day. Christmas could be looked at as a long holiday week I suppose. It’s all up to your own likes.


Sweltering heat and huge crowds, or milder weather and even huger crowds? Pick your poison, I guess. I think the edge goes to Christmas.


Thanks for the advice. Keep it coming I guess. :wink:


I’ve been in July and it is hot, hot, hot, humid, humid, humid and crowded!! I’ve never been during Christmas. Now, having said that I believe I could deal with crowds better when it’s not hot than when it is.


I would probably pick Christmas. I just can’t do hot AND crowded. I would following the Touring Plans in the Unofficial Guide to Disney book (~$20 at the bookstore or online at touringplans.com) and try and beat the crowds early in the morning. Otherwise the parks may be full before you even get there! I haven’t actually used them since we always go off season (1st and 2nd week of December are terrific!), but I would surely give the touring plans a try. At least then you might have a fighting chance.

The Christmas decorations are magical. You MUST see the Osborne Family Lights at DS. Most magical part of the whole trip, IMHO.

Also, at touringplans.com, they have a “crowd predictor” for each day…maybe that would help you decide when to leave or return. We always use it when we plan…and end up helping friends pick, too!


UGH, as a FL resident, I will NEVER do 4th of July again!

HOT! CROWDED! And MK closed due to being AT capacity at NOON!! :eek:

Christmas . . . this year will be our first year . . . I’m sure it will be crowded, but December in FL . . . is awesome! Don’t get me wrong it’s still HOT, but 80s hot not 105 in the shade hot! :laugh::laugh:

PLUS, I’ve been the week after Thanksgiving and the Week or Dec 19th and the decorations are to die for!! If you’ve been to WDW before, I would recommend Christmas time, because you can enjoy all the stuff that normally isn’t there. Holiday parade, snow on Main Street, Osborne Lights, Holiday shows, etc, etc, etc. :blush: