WDW raises ticket prices


To no one’s surprise, WDW on Friday followed SeaWorld’s lead and announced it will be raising ticket prices beginning Sunday, 1/1/06. The price of a basic one-day, one park ticket for a non-Florida resident will increase from $59.75 to $63, plus tax – a 5.4 percent increase. All other ticket media options also will increase in price, ranging from 0.8 percent to 5.8 percent. Check out the full story here.


UGHHHH! We all knew and we all dreaded. And yet we will all will still pay.


It works out to $5.25/hour based on a 12 hour day at the parks. Still a pretty good value IMO.


And if you do the calculation based on the cost of a 3-day Florida resident ticket ($120), that 12-hour day boils down to $3.33 an hour. At this rate, Disney soon will be paying us to visit the parks. :wink:


Just one more reason why I want to move to Florida!


There was an article in our paper recently about attendance being up at all theme parks, and the top 4 were all Disney!


Both Cedar Point and Kings Island were down this year. Kings Island was down @5 %. The experts that be are saying that they are going to Disney.




Me too! :mickey:


Oh no!! :crying:


Even though I hate the costs rising, I never feel cheated after a day at WDW! :happy:


I am so sorry to hear this today of all days… I was on my way to the Disney Store in the morning to buy our passes!!! BUMMER!


$63???!!?? that is getting a little expensive now. it would be nice if they brought the prices down. that way, more people would go to WDW. bummer.


Monkey see, monkey do… :dry:


I dread the tickets prices going up, BUT I will still pay it. You cannot beat a WDW vacation when you stay on-site.


Once Sea World raised their prices I think most thought that WDW and Universal would soon follow. It is a shame, we would all hope that they would keep prices below everyone else but with attendance back up I dont believe that they feel the need to be competitive in pricing. Just IMHO.

I will still be there. Your right there is nothing like a WDW vacation! :mickey:


Looks like I will have to cut back on a few items, but you can’t beat taking a trip to Disney!!! The best place in the Universe!


This is what I get for waiting till the last minute to buy my park passes.


Ugh, so sad. I can’t complain though, I still get a pretty decent deal with the FL Resident Discount - 3 day passes only went up $1!!


Amen to that! There is nothing like it!! I knew the price was going up, but what the hay—it’s Disney and IMHO it’s money well spent for all the fun! :wink: