WDW Rehabs announced


The Maelstrom in Norway at EPCOT will be closed for refurbishment February 24 - March 15, 2002. It is scheduled to reopen to guests March 16, 2002. El Rio del Tiempo in Mexico at EPCOT will be closed for refurbishment April 7 - April 26, 2002. It is scheduled to reopen to guests April 27, 2002.


More good news… both attractions could use a little bit of touching up here and there.

Speaking of Malestrom, any word on how FASTPASS is working out over there?


We were there in October. They must have spent a boat load (pun intended) to redo the entry. They have built a large wall in the middle of the old waiting room to separate the fast pass line and the normal line. It seems to me that the fast pass line on all of the other rides blends in better, and at some point, is joined with the normal line. Here it is totally separate.

The fastpass wait was never more than about 25 minutes, and the wait was about 10 minutes once, and less than that every other time. I never once say any one use a fastpass on the ride. I have never been during a “busy” time of the year, but I guess it would get more use if the wait was an hour, rather than ten minutes.

I personally feel that El rio del Tiempo could use a little more that what the three weeks of restauration is going to give it. I understand that not every ride can be test track, but some similar rides I love. I can’t get enough of the Land boat ride. It is facinating each time I take it. (By the way, the addition of the fastpass at the Land has nearly ruined the ride. I never had to wait more than about three minutes to get on, now, the line is always near an hour. I think people look at the map and see FP, and immediatly go to those rides first.) So why can’t El rio del Tiempo be more educational, or maybe more interesting than the current set-up?


With regards to Living with the Land’s Fastpass setup… Disney removed a boat or two (or was it three?) when fastpass was setup there. this accounts for longer waits all around. Why did they do this?
Beats me!


I haven’t been to EPCOT since December 26th of last year but I am headed to the World on Saturday for 4 days. I am surprised to learn at all the Fastpasses now available in EPCOT. But, the Land? I only remember waiting in line there once - around the time of the park’s grand opening.

I’ll let you know what I think next week.:slight_smile: