WDW Reservation center


Anyone book a package through them? Did you get a good deal going through disney directly and were the CM’s very helpful?


I booked my trip through them last year. I bought the winter package and it was a great deal, but I knew about it and asked for it specifically. As for CM’s on there, it depends. Actually it’s a crap shoot whether or not you get a good one. I highly reccomend Mousketrips. They will get you the best possible deal. They are a disney only travel agency and a link to them can be found on our front page. Get a quote from them…it can’t hurt and only help you out. I am using them for my upcoming trip in Januaary and have been 100% satisfied and then some with their exceptional service and their patience with my craziness (thanks scott!) Give em a call! :heart:


I used WDW Central Reservations and have been pleased. But I knew what I wanted, they can’t help you with any codes, you have to know what to ask for. ALL of the CMs I have had have been wonderful.


I have always bought, just a room. It seemed that when I bought a package it was way overpriced, and I never want a UPH, and I believe they require that.


Let me restate my post. The CM’s are helpful if you know what you want. If you are calling to get the best possible deal from reservations, it’s a crap shoot as to whether or not you will get a CM who knows the ins and out of booking with discounts etc. I just reread my posts from ealier and it looked like I ws CM bashing…sorry about that. It’s hard to state exactly what you mean sometimes. I still highly reccomend contacting Mousketrips. You will get the best deal from them.


I did and the when I tried to ask the CM what the benefit or savings buying a package got me over buying things individually she had no clue. I worked and worked with her to try to figure things out. We came up with a very slight price benefit (I think it came down to a few dollars in ticket taxes). She was friendly but really did not want to figure all that stuff out.

This was before I knew all the tips about room only reservations and that the packages don’t save you anything. Having said that it was not a bad deal for me since I ended up calling back and getting a price change with the 7 for 5 promotion they ran in July. If you want to keep things simple and feel like you controlled your own booking then do it. I would do it again that way under the right circumstances. But I would also consider using an agent.


thanks for the input thus far everyone.


If you use the Disney system, be ready. Have everything you want ready and have the CM repeat back everything you have asked for. The CM’s are always nice but not helpful. I think they are told not to suggest anything. I spoke to one CM that gave me hints but would not give me the discount until I official asked for it.


I have had good luck with Disney reservations but have always had to ask for the discount codes!!!

Have you thought about Mouseketrips??? I plan on using them next time and I hear they are wonderful!!! It is run by our very own Mickey!!!


Two words:

Use Mouseketrips!!! :flowers:


See told ya!!! :wink:


The CMs are trained that they can not “proactively” offer any discount codes and that is why they tend to dance around the discounts now and then. Believe me, it’s not that they dont’ want you to get the best deal, they just can’t come right out and give it to you. You specifically have to mention “Florida Resident” and “Discount” in the same sentence or “AAA Member” and “Discount”. Conversely if you are looking for a specific code, you need to ask for it by name or code as they can’t offer it to you unless you mention it.

Sounds weird, I know but that’s the protocol or policy so to speak.



Has anyone found a code after the fact and then called to have the discount applied??


Yes I have done this and saved a bundle!! $544 on September discounts!!!