WDW scrapbooking


Hi I was just wondering if anyone knows if there is a scrapping store in Downtown Disney? OR something close by?


There is a store that has scrapping supplies. It’s connected to the Art of Disney Store near the Days of Christmas and the Rainforest Cafe


I know there is supplies somewhere there I remember my wife going nuts over them…But than again she goes nuts over any scrapbooking stores anymore…


Ohh Thank you so much!!!


Actually, that store has very little. I was so excited to go there and get some great stuff, but I was so disapointed! They had sissors, and about 4 different books, and about 4 different paper themes, but for the most part nothing else really interesting.


There is some in the World of Disney store too… in the room between the jewelry and the princess room? I think? It has books, DVDs, keychains, etc. There is some scrapbooking stuff there like stickers, punches, etc. It may be the same stuff that’s in the Memories store by Art of Disney.