WDW Spring 2008 discounts for Canadian Residents


Walt Disney World has released a special Magic Your Way package discount only for Canadian residents only. Purchase a Magic Your Way package, with a minimum of three nights and a minimum one night Magic Your Way park pass, and receive a free ticket upgrade to include both the hopping and water park options included for free.

You must check in between January 1 and March 15, 2008 to qualify. This discount must be booked by December 15. Proof of Canadian residence is required.

Please contact our sponsor Mouseketrips and ask for code ZWD to book this package.

Please note this is a decent indication of what the discounts should be made available for the general public for early 2008. Watch for those discounts to be released on November 1, a few days earlier for Disney VISA cardholders. I have not confirmed whether there is an additional room discount involved, I will try to update this post as soon as I can find out.


Wow…very cool. Now I wish I were a Canadian resident:)


Isn’t that the same discount they ran last year for everyone? I wonder if they will be opening that up to everyone soon?? We shall see soon enough.


Hmmm… since I am an honourary Canadian, I wonder if this will apply to me? :wink: :laugh:


Hmmm…NO!:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

I’m an honorary Hawaiian…does that count?:huh:




Darn it!:pinch: :laugh:


Let me know if that ever works for you…maybe hawaii will adopt me too.:laugh:


I have upgraded my reservation last night with it and it gave a room discount with it. My balance went from 19…$ to 15…$ :eek: :cool:

I used code ZWD
There is also code ZWE for reservation with Dining


Good for you!! More money for fine dining…


This is the same deal that they ran last year at this time for everyone. It made a huge difference in our family of five bill. Hoping they do this for everyone again.

They didn’t offer it last year until early November, I think. So, cross your fingers!!


O.K., Fingers crossed! We arrive on Jan. 2nd, so this would really help us out!