Wdw Tickets




If you are planning on going to all the parks trhen a park hopper …but if you are planning on going back within a year get annual passes…you get discounts on rooms anfd food …and in the long run save alot of money…you can get one that just does the parks and one that includes everything including the water parks.


It really depends on what you want to accomplish. If you only plan on doing the “major” parks, then you won’t need the “plus” passes, just the regular park hoppers.
Also, if you won’t be going to the parks all 7 days, maybe you could use 5-day passes instead of 7 day.


The UPH gives you the water parks plus pleasure island admission and admission to disneyquest. A hopper pass just gives you the major parks, unless it has plus options, which you can use for the other stuff. I agree that if you are going back within a year you should get the annual passes. You can get major discounts on your room plus use them again within a year and it is like getting 2 trips passes for the price of 1.


It also depends what time you will arrive on your first day and leave on your last day. The year we went in May we got there late in the afternoon so we did not need park entry that day. We got the 5 day UPH and used 5 days for the parks, 1 day at Typhoon Lagoon and went to Pleasure Island one night. We did not go back into the park on the last day. This was the right pass for us. Before you buy your pass think about what you really want to cover.


We’ve always gotten the Length of Stay Pass and love it. Our last visit was for 11 days. It was great because you didn’t have to figure out how many days you have left on a pass. We just went where ever we wanted, as many times as we wanted, including Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach, DisneyQuest and Pleasure Island.

I know there are all different types of passes. They confuse the heck out of us, so we always opt for the Length of Stay. Come and go with no worries. Yes it does cost more, but our son was free with the Kids Stay and Play Free Package on our trip, including his park pass.

Good luck trying to decide.


We are going in 2 weeks (Yeah!), and we have a 21 month old. We went through the same question. Originally, we were going plus for 7 days. After some thought, we decided that even though we are going to WDW for 6 nights 7 days, we weren’t sure how are son was going to do. We decided on 5 day hoppers only. The first day we get in, we are going to get settled, and play at the resort and go to Downtown. the last day, we are leaving early. Because this is the first trip with our son, we thought this was best. Besides, the pools at the resort are fantastic!


I really would explore the possibility of an annual pass. If you are going to the theme parks more than 7 days, and don’t want to go to any water parks, then the annual pass works well. You can come and go as you please AND if you make it back within 12 months your park admission is already paid for! Plus, don’t underestimate the savings the Annual Pass can bring in resort and restaurant discounts. We have now had annual passes three times and saved a good bit of money with them

Have fun planning your trip! :mickey:


Also park hopper and park hopper plus tickets never expire, whereas, length of stay are only good from the day you first use it till you leave. I am going down in October with a ticket from a couple of years ago that has options, i got about 6 options, lol and last years two tickets that each have at least a day on them…so you save that way…when we were being filmed for the Disney parade, two days they got us in the parks by the back way…so thats why we have extra days left…lol


If you are SURE you are going again within the next year, AP may be the way to go. Check out the current AP pass hotel rates and calculate what you would spend this year AND next year at those rates. Then calculate this year and hotel at regular rates with park hoppers and do it again for next year. That way you will see the rates for AP for two years, and park hoppers for 1 and two years. Nota Bene: If you purchase an AP make sure you purchase the voucher (whose clock starts when you exchange it for the AP once you arrive), and if you purchase a Park Hopper or Park Hopper plus, unused days never expire. I have water parks still good left over from 1999. Length of Stay passes expire when you leave whereas Park Hopper or Park Hopper plus unused days are good forever.