WDW Tickets


Has anyone purchased the non-expiring tickets with options? We plan to buy the 10 day, non-expiring, park hopper, with options and use five days this year and five days next year. Requesting opinions and tips on how to make the best use of these type tickets. :ohmy:


No, I thought about it but it seemed kinda pricey to me.


More pricey this year than last. About $200 more for our family of 5. I plan to use Disney Card Dollars to pay for part of the cost. There will probably be another price increase in January 07.


You have 15 days worth of tickets if you don’t go to a park on the same day as you go to a water park or Disney Quest.

I’m really not sure what type of information you are looking for. There is so much to do at WDW that you can easily fill an evening, or even an entire day, without going to the parks. Dinner and shopping at Downtown Disney is a must for us. Dinner at a resort and then resort hopping is a way to spend a few hours or a whole day.


Yes, you will have extra water park/Disney Quest/Pleasure Island days on those tickets.
The good news is we just used three non-expiring tickets in February that we purchased about 4 years ago… they were still perfectly good, and we had no trouble using them! In fact, we used up all the park days we had, and we still have two days of water park days left on each ticket for our next trip!!!:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:


Thanks, MissDisney. That’s the info I need. We have had AP’s and room with and ticket packages in the past. So I don’t know how the new tickets work. :happy: Glad to know they are easy to use and that the options are still good until used as a separate identity from park entry.:cool:


Last trip, we bought 10 day non-expiring park hopper tickets for me, DH and DS. My mom and step father bought 10 day regular tickets. Since we all only used 4 days on the tickets, we upgraded my mom and step fathers to a non-expiring ticket since they weren’t coming back (was only $100 extra in October) and now DH and I have an ADDITIONAL 6 days on each of those tickets for our use! Plus, we have 6-7 days left on OUR 10 day tickets (we had old tickets with park days left on them)! We plan to use these on the next couple of trips! We’re set!

We also had PLUS options from OLD tickets that we used in October…the ticets were at least 5 years old! And they are still good! AND I still have 3 Plus options on one of my tickets, too!

They DO last forever. :redface:


I’m planning to do the same, except we won’t be adding the water park options. If you have a child under the age of 10, and they turn 10 before you go back, Disney will upgrade the ticket without charging you the difference.



Thanks everyone for all the great info. I wasn’t sure that you could use an option for entry to a water park or to DQ all day the day you used it, or if it was only good for one entry and you couldn’t reenter once you left. This info give us great trip planning ideas to get the most from our tickets. Thanks again.


I thought if one person used the ticket then no one else could use it because of the finger coding? If this isn’t the case please let me know because my mother has a couple days left on her ticket from last year and I figured it would never be used because I don’t think she will be going back.


I had the same question I think you just answered for me! I also bought the 10 no exp/hopper/w options. We only used 5 park days and 1 Disney Quest day last visit. Does that mean I have 5 park days and 4 water park days left?!?:wacko: :wacko: I am so confused:biggrin:

Please let me know If I’m right cause I’m trying to figure out our next trip schedule. Thanks.


Actually, I believe you are correct. However, if the ticket is not printed with anyone’s name or signed by anyone I’m not sure how they’d enforce this. Anyone know? DH had his “finger scan” not recognize him MORE THAN ONCE with his seasonal pass (which has his name on it) - a couple times they asked for ID and another couple times they just waived him through. That leads me to believe if there is no ID to ask for (no name on the ticket) there is nothing they’d do about it…