WDW to Close Tomorrowland


Just found this on the web. :mad:

Well, I’m off to a writer’s conference and won’t be here the rest of the weekend to talk about it. What a rotten way to start April Fools


hold on must I say it again?

that is not closing an attraction its a whole branch of the stinking park! UNREAL! I mean that there is a lot of upgrading that needs to be done but that is where buzz is and space mountain - you have to be kidding me! That is some wild news!

edited to add
hold on- now why when I looked at the abreviated part of the origional post it says april fools??? HMMMMM? Its not april 1 yet!!!


Allright, I’m not falling for it! :laugh: :laugh:


Me neither…April Fool’s!


Is it true or is it just some kind of joke ?

Ok its a joke i get it !


You know what… You had me for a second… I have to admit… but not completely!! :nonono2:


:glare: :glare: :glare: :glare: you think you are funny, but you are really just evil. :tongue:

Edited at Cavemans request.


Yeah, that’s how I caught it. Gotta love that little feature.


Hey! Who put that in my text?!?!?! :rolleyes:


I didn’t fall for this one!!! :tongue:

But that was only because I hovered over the title on the topic listing, and saw the April Fool’s thing. Had I not seen that… I probably wouldn’t be saying anything. :ninja:


Time to edit my post!!! :pinch:

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Yep! That’s what I was talking about.


You should have made it a bit more believable!


Read the first few posts. Some people were falling for it.

And if everyone will go back to edit their responses, we could get a good rumor going over the internet!


Good one Cavey…I read it a few times thinking to myself, no way! That would be a pretty good rumor to start, but maybe try Toon Town instead…


LOL! Nice try! As I was reading that I kept saying to myself this doesn’t sound right… :happy:



I was born at night but not last night…

Nice April fools joke.


I was going to work in the closure of Time Keeper and the lackluster response to Stitch to support it, but I figured keep it short.


Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids. :tongue:


Can you imagine the uproar that would cause if they actually did that???!!!