WDW Top 7 Must-sees


For all you people missing the Top 7 Must See video for WDW go here…


to get your fix…


How cool …Thanks Missy :smile:


cool. it was nice to take a make believe trip to WDW.


Thanks missy…very cool!!! :slight_smile:


Thank you Missy! I needed that!


Thanks for posting that link! How new is that? I don’t think that is the one that was played when we were there this past spring.


Wow that was really cool. Thanks!


Its the one that is playing at the moment.

Well, it was when we were there last week… :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :sad: :sad:


Thanks missy!


OMG, that video drives me NUTS!! I LOVE wdw, of course, don’t get me wrong but seeing that video OVER and OVER and OVER again at our resort drives me whacky, YET, for some reason I can NEVER stop watching it!!! I liked the blonde lady before this one better too. hehe.

Ugh!!! When she tells Minnie she has a crush on Mickey, aye aye aye. Just TOO perky for me. Will not watch!!! I would rather ride IASW 10 times in a row without stopping!



Thanks Missy ! That was really cool! I can’t wait to see it in 23 days !


I still miss Kryssa!


Me too! I don’t know about this chick.


Yeah she is a little too… :wacko:


A great Disney fix! Thanks for the link!


Thank you, MissKerry!! :c)


Thank you, it was just what I needed! :mickey:


This is really fun!!!


She’s not as bad as everyone led me to believe. At least she’s not Erin!!! :wacko:

Being at FW, we won’t have the “luxury” of turing on the TV all week. No tears lost here!


It’s like you have a whole new way of insulting me, but…it’s not.

I’m so confused.