Wdw Tr 6/30-7/14


Well, were back home. We went for two+ weeks with 14 days worth of disney passes park hopper w/ water. Now that we’re unpacked here goes…

I would rate this trip as a 9, 10 being the highest and most pleasureful.


Alaska Airlines 3 hour flight delay that cost us to miss the first evening in the park and use of the slides at AK pool, kids were bummed. Fortunately, they did give us a $25 gift certificate for airport food and travel miles. Concidering the park tickets are $56 x 5 + $250 for hotel… …we ate our bagels feeling bummed.

WDW lost 1 of 7 bags which was returned at 2:00am. Oh well.


The rest was gravy. Alaska Airlines on the way home made up for it, the pilot was kind enough to keep us on schedule and let us know what we were seeing out the window. Flight crew were a lot of fun too.

We stayed in AK the first night and moved to a two bedroom suite in a WDW good neighbor condo for the duration.

The parks were crowded but manageable. Didn’t get to see Downtown Disney or Typhoon Lagoon (bummer) but, next time!

Still going through 2,000+ pics, more later…


ok not bad for a teaser but where is the good stuff? LOL :laugh: looking forward to the rest.


2,000 pictures!!! Your arms must be aching from lifting that camera so much.:laugh:


He must be still sorting out those pictures…


Love the teaser but I can’t wait to hear more. 2,000 pictures? I am impressed!


Someone who rivals Wish with the “click click” addiction, uh oh!! I was in DL for four days and took over 400 pictures! yikes!


Yes 2000, unfortunately its a combination of my DS and my pictures. Looked over them last night and it appears our digital camera training was forgotten… burry. Indoor/outdoor/rainy/moving subject… Anyway…

First night, WOW!

AK is unbelievable! You wouldn’t even think you were in a Disney hotel. In fact, you wouldn’t even think you in the U.S… If it not for the people walking in the halls looking for hidden mickeys you’d think it WAS AFRICA.
(Hint: Your standing on them)

What a beautiful resort. The pool was great and since we arrived late the slide was great the next morning. Being from the west coast it was deceptive that so few people were walking around or in the pool (4am est.).

The front desk was nice enough to allow us a late check-out for both rooms since we arrived late. (It sounded like he broke a rule or something)

We also enjoyed the arcade by the pool, great way to loose $40 fast.

Can’t wait to go back.

The next day we drove (July 1st) to see the space shuttle take-off. We got on I-528 and sat for 2 hours until we got east of the airport. 2 miles - 2 hours. We took the first exit and parked it for the launch. It was postponed. Oh well, it’s vacation right? When we headed back the said the Daytona 500 was also that evening which added to the traffic. Anyway we gave up on the space shuttle… …then on July 4th we were pulling into MK on the parking shuttle and right above the entrance to the monorail was the shuttle lifting off into space, WOW! Ol’ quick draw with the camera was able to snap off a view of the exhaust but little else.

Still working on the pics (too large to upload)