WDW transportation fun cards


On past trips we have been given cards like:

WDW Railroad Guest Conductor
WDW Monorail System Co-Pilot License
Goofy’s Barnstormer Frequent Flyer

Any ideas of what other cards are available?


There are cards you can collect from the monorail, bus drivers, and boat pilots (but not the friendship boats). I can’t remember how many there are (maybe 13-15) but each card has fun trivia and interesting facts. Not every CM has these cards but my son has managed to collect all of them.


You can get a “license” when you ride the speedway cars at Magic Kingdom. You just need to ask for one.


As many times as we’re driven the cars this was the first year we were offered a card. I didn’t know about them until a CM gave our son one as we entered the line. That was the only time we saw a CM passing them out.


Same here…we just found out on our last trip. I saw a women in front of us ask for the card - so we did the same!
In Disneyland, I think you can get personalized ones…I seem to remember going into a booth or something…


We have cards 7 - 18 of this “Official Walt Disney World Transportation Collector Card” set. They are numbered on the back like 1 of 18. The ones we have all came from a monorail person so I guess we need to get the first six from bus and boat drivers.


I found my son’s cards. it looks like cards 1-3 are bus cards and 4-6 are boat cards. There’s a card for the large ferry boat (the TTC ferry), a motor cruiser (like the WL/FW boat) and a motor aunch (like the one that runs from the MK to the Poly and GF and between CR and WL/FW).

Have fun finishing your collection. It took us several trips because a lot of the CMs didn’t have the cards and some didn’t even know about them.


This past April as we we crossing the bridge into Adventureland the kids and I started dancing on the bridge as we crossed. The CM at the souvenier stand to the left of the bridge called us over and handed us Magical Moment Certificates for doing “The Bridge Dance”. It was a FANTASTIC moment for us!!


We’ve received certificates from the Monorail, the bus driver and the Speedway. We also received one from the Barnstormer last year. DD was scared as we got on and the CM said she would have a surprise for us at the end. At the end of the ride we received a “I rode my first rollercoaster - Goofy’s Barnstormer” certificate.

We’ve also received many magical moment certificates. One time in MK we were browsing through a store and a woman came over and set up a bowling game for our kids and gave them a certificate. We got another one on mainstreet in MK for colouring pics at the art store. We got one when the kids were approached at POFQ to be chefs and create their own cookies in the food court too.


That’s one of the coolest Disney things I’ve heard in a long time! :happy:


The boys got a card when they were much younger and rode Space Mountain.


Ooo Ive never seen these before, they’d make great little keepsakes or scrapbook pages!


When you sit in the front seat of the car at Sci Fi Dine In Theater you get a drivers license


We have several of the Bus and Monorail cards. There are 18 in all, but we were told that 2 cards are no longer being given out (the two that were in the accident at TTC). If you have either of these 2, you may want ot hold on to them.