WDW trip with many emotions and a very scary last morning


Ok, so, I’ve never done a TR, and my style of writing is almost always short and to the point, and I don’t know that I will have the time to do a proper TR, so, I’ll hit the main points… Lots of crazy things have been happening in recent months and this trip has been desperately needed. I finally had the opportunity to be excited about our trip the final week prior, then the stress hits again. My husband and I are both state employees and his department is lead in opening and running special need shelters, so with TS Lee in the Gulf this past weekend, we were on pins being that we were to leave early AM on Sat. (Our fault for planning a vacation during peak hurricane season.) He got the okay to go, and we left 5 hours prior to our original plans in order to miss the worst of the first rain bands.

We arrived at WDW at 8 AM, and we grabbed a bite to eat at McDonalds and then went to the hotel. I had completed online check-in, so we didn’t have a long wait in line, however, our room was not ready that early, and the CM was not exactly experienced in front desk service. He didn’t ask if we were celebrating anything, which we were, DS’s 5th birthday. When I asked that I receive a phone call letting me know that our room was ready, he kept telling me to wait till after 3 PM and to call the number on the card that he gave me. As soon as we walked out of the lobby, I called the number and asked that they call my cell when the room was ready, no problems there…

Off to Epcot we went, exhausted, but with full force except that I was so tired that I hardly took any pictures the first couple of days and kept up with the trend somewhat for the rest of the trip so as to not spend the whole trip looking through the camera like I normally do. Finally around 1:00, we got the call that our room was ready, so we headed to our room, quickly unpacked the car and did our best to take a nap. I thought the location was perfect, Jazz building 9 facing parking lot, no pool noise, close to parking and not too far away from Melody Hall. We went to MK that evening and decided to ride rides during the parade, but caught Wishes before leaving the park.

Sunday went well, still tired, DS got to meet McQueen and Mater and then, Phineas and Ferb, then lunch at H&V, he wasn’t into the characters as much as he would be later, being that we were still recovering from the prior 36 hours. We enjoyed our day at HS and again returned to MK that evening to catch some more rides and the Main Street Electrical Parade. I was very excited about the parade, being that I haven’t seen it since my first trip to MK when I was about 5 yrs old. I bought resort mugs on this day, for the first time and not sure that I will do it again. I am the only one that got our money’s worth and those mugs hardly hold anything.

Monday, we had a great breakfast at Tusker House, this year DS was tall enough to ride EE, which he thoroughly enjoyed. I got soaked on Rapids. Did our usual rides at AK and then headed back to resort for nap. Before we left out to eat dinner at food court, I had to call room service to change sheets on bed because DS had accident. When we went back to the room, the sheets had not yet been changed which was fine, because we were headed to HS to see Fantasmic. I am never trusting of room service and put away any valuables, never would have guessed that something would have come up missing. CM stole a cold Coca Cola that we had brought back from the food court and left on the table. Of all things! :angry: After searching the room to make sure that it wasn’t simply misplaced, I called guest services to report that we didn’t require replacement, but that if they would steal a soda, they may steal something of value. I was quite disappointed that I never got a call back regarding the issue.:nonono2:


Tuesday, we had lunch at Tepan Edo, yummy!! We had a good chef, have had better outside of park, but she was better than the chef’s at the other two tables. DS had a mishap walking at Epcot and had to take a detour to First Aid to clean a cut on his knee and put on a bandage, the nurse there was great. There was crying going in and smiling going out. :wub: Another evening at MK, and we had dinner at Chef Mickey’s. First time ever eating there and the food was good and the character interaction was great! :mickey:

Wednesday was another day at HS, couldn’t believe it, didn’t get there right at opening and the wait as TSM was only 20 min. That evening was dinner at ‘Ohana, yet another first for us. A wonderful experience and the food was great, even picky DS ate a little bit of everything. :biggrin: I had intended on watching Wishes from the beach at Poly, but it rained all evening. The following day was a full day at MK with nap at mid day. Crystal Palace for lunch, again, didn’t disappoint.

Friday, our last day for parks is where it got scary. :ohmy: We usually eat at least a tiny bit in the mornings before heading out, and I give DS his vitamins. DH wanted to get snacks for breakfast in food court, so no worries right? He’ll have food soon enough. We get to food court and DH decided to wait till the park. We were in line for the bus for just a minute & DS gave DH phone back, DS had been playing a game on it. DS said that his stomach hurt and that he needed to go to the bath room. He leaned against me and at first, I thought it was just what he sometimes does normally when tired or bothered, but quickly realized that he had passed out with his eyes open. His legs totally gave out. I was holding on to him, so he was going down slowly and never touched the ground. As soon as we realized what was happening, I picked him up, and we ran inside to the gift shop. They called 911. DS kept saying that he needed to potty. I took him, but he didn’t do anything. He had no color. The paramedics came and said to give him Power Aid with water & some crackers and should be fine and of course, offered to take him to hospital and advised us that they were not doctors. We declined the trip to the hospital because DS’s color was slowly coming back and no longer complaining of a stomach ache. Not really sure what caused the issue, but more than likely a combination of an active week, humidity and vitamins on an empty stomach. The hotel gave us a couple of waters & Power Aid’s and some Wheat Thins. They also gave him a small stuffed Mickey. I almost started crying not so much because of what happened to DS but because they were being so great. I was so overwhelmed. We offered to pay for everything, but they told us to just go and take care of our child. :wub:

Within 15 minutes of returning to our room and getting fluids and crackers on his stomach, DS had all of his coloring back and was sitting and “dancing” in bed to music on TV. :goofy: We waited till after lunch to venture to Epcot. We had a nice rest of the day. We had dinner at Garden Grill, this was his “official” birthday dinner. He was more excited to see Mickey this time than any other during our trip. Mickey even wrote “Happy 5th Birthday Alex” in the autograph book and when it came time for desert, Mickey accompanied the server and clapped to the “Happy Birthday” song. :mickey: DS was still active when we returned to the hotel later that evening which of course was a BIG relief after the morning that we had.

Again this morning, before we left, I was quite pleased that the front desk manager had left us a message asking about DS. After a long drive, we have made it home uneventfully. I can’t believe that I am still up at 1 AM after the trip that we have had. I will for sure be sleeping in tomorrow.:sleeping:


Wow, that was scary with your son. Glad it was able to be fixed quickly.

Was the soda in a cooler or fridge or just sitting on the table? It just seems so odd to take a soda. Did you find anything else was missing?


Wow, I am getting choked up reading about what you went through with your son. That is so scary. But it is really touching to read how well you were treated during that situation and I am glad that he is all right.


Always so scary when your children are suddenly taken ill! I’m so glad that he was all right! Thank you for sharing your trip with us!


This exact same thing happened with our daughter on our first day this summer. I mean, almost to the detail exactly the same. Stomach ache, potty, and as I am walking toward our room in the 98 degree heat, she just went out. The ambulance came, did a couple of checks on her and suggested the same, power aid and crackers. 30 minutes later it was like nothing had ever happened. They were FANTASTIC to deal with. Disney has the best paramedics ever. My wife was traumatized the rest of the trip, but we are all good now. We happened to see this same thing happen several times in our 9 days there this summer. It was just too hot.


How scary about your son. I am glad he was all right!


That happened to my daughter as well, on the second day of our trip. Next time ill be packing powerade instead of capri sun. :mickey: So awesome that he was able to enjoy his day, and that the staff was so helpful.

BOOOO to the coke stealer, my sunglasses were stolen.:dry:


So glad to hear that your DS was OK.

We had a situation once and now we travel with the Gatorade powder packets along with regular Country Time or Kool Aid flavor packs. Just pour it in a 16-20 oz water bottle and it helps keep the electrolytes up throughout your trip. Pam and I usually chug a bottle before bed each night and I do at least one every day around lunch. We are known to have lots of adult beverages while in the world and this helps get us through the day and stay charged. It will also help little ones who frequently do not drink enough. Water goes down much better with kids if it has some sort of flavor.


We had brought a Coke, Sprite and milk to the room. Placed the Coke & Sprite on the table and the milk in the ice chest. When we got back later, husband asked if I was going on a “run” to fill the mugs. I was too tired and told him that if he didn’t want to, to just get some ice and drink the Coke, but it was no where to be found. :angry: Sprite was still on the table. If they took anything else, we didn’t notice. All of the important things were still where I had put them out of site.


Thank you all for the concern and well wishes for my son. :wub: I don’t know how I would have enjoyed our trip had it had happened on the first day. :ohmy: On other trips we went to the parks via car because we always have a Diamond parking pass. This trip we took car and bus. I am thankful that we had intended on taking the bus that morning and we were right outside of the resort. I don’t know what we would have done if we had parked and he had passed out while walking from the car to the park.:confused:

The scare definitely showed me that the spirit of Disney at the resort that seemed to be fading earlier in our trip was still very much there. :wub:


We have no problems with the water, however, from now on, we will definitely drink something with electrolytes daily in addition to our regular water intake.:mickey:


All’s well that ends well!

Now: the Coke would have made me angry/annoyed and I would have called. Not hearing back? Would have made me furious. :glare:


After my last post, I went ahead to the contact page on WDW site and reported my issues and commended the staff for their kindness when DS got sick. I just wish that I would have been able to get the names of the people that helped us.


I’m so glad your son is okay, that most have been so frightening for you and DH. It sounds like besides that you had a wonderful vacation. Thanks for sharing your adventure.


Eeek, what a scary situation but I am so glad that your son is okay and that the CMs were so helpful during such a scary incident!

The last time we went in August, we had to switch from drinking water to Powerade because it was so hot.


Oh my, what a scary start to your last day! Kids are so resilient though and it is awesome that DS bounced back so quickly. Thanks for the TR! I’m in desperate need of a PDD fix.


So glad DS is ok. The heat down here in august is brutal!!! And not much better in early September. It’s so important to stay hydrated. Drink even if you’re not thirsty. Glad the cm’s were helpful. That’s what makes WDW the special place that it is.


Just a few pictures for now. If I can get this right. :blush:


I am sorry about your son…the heat is definitely difficult. Great trip report!