We are planning our first trip to WDW. A friend of ours said they felt that WDW seamed more “run down” than DL. Although, their last trip to DL was a few years back… What do you think?

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The only place I felt like that was in Fantasyland. I think WDW’s Fantasyland could really use some work; I would say “run down” isn’t a bad assessment. It just seemed… faded… to me.

I also think that WDWs Adventureland is less effective. The very small space it occupies in DL has the advantage of a real “encroaching jungle” feeling. I wouldn’t say “run down”… perhaps just “less themed”?


WDW is not even close to being run down. Your friend is mistaken. You are going to love going there. Sure it will be different from DL, but in a good way. Just another form of disney magic.


I really think you’ve been misinformed!

WDW is the happiest place on earth! I love DL, but in my opinion, it is a theme park. WDW is a resort, a destination, an all-engulfing experience that extends so much farther beyond what the theme parks have to offer on their own. Not only are the 4 parks amazing (and not run down), but there are 2 amazing water parks (one of my favourite things at WDW), mini-golfing, shopping, dinner shows, water sports, golf… the list is endless. Not to mention the resorts on property are much more diverse and many are much more affordable than at DL. And they are an attraction all on their own!


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Seriously, I’ve not been to DL, but WDW is not run down in anyway.

I’ve heard that if you are just comparing MK to DL, DL is the better park. But when you compare WDW to what is offered in California, WDW takes the prize.


I took a trip to DL a few years ago, and while I did notice the differences in the rides and theming and everything (which I thought were awesome!!), I didn’t notice one being cleaner or better kept up than another. Go with an open mind and just enjoy all the new stuff! :slight_smile:


For me, I grew up with DLR so thats where the magic is. I don’t even really enjoy going to MK here, but I LOOOOOVE AK, MGM and Epcot. I (personally) feel that MK just doesn’t hold the same magic Disneyland does, the layout feels akward and totally more run down (to me) But it makes it worth it to go to WDW because of Epcot! I LOVE That park so much!



Hey Tessa! I stopped by the Canadian pavillion yesterday, but didn’t see you. Hope to meet you one day!

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aww! I had yesterday and today off. But I’m popcorn tomorrow if anyone is around!


…and if no one is around, will you still be popcorn? LOL!!
Hey–no contest–WDW is the best! :tongue:


I’ve never been to DL, so I really can’t make a fair comparison, but I’ve never felt that WDW was “run down”! I love it there! :happy:


Sounds good. I’ll keep an open mind! Can’t wait. Is it July yet?