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Planning a December 2013 vacation with my grown children & their spouses and looking for a villa that can accomodate 6 - 8 adults.

Can anyone direct me to the easiest way to locate villas that large even if I have to buy points from a vacation club member to get something nice?


You can book all of the Disney Vacation Club villas just like any Disney resort or you can rent points from a member. Renting points usually ends up being cheaper but there has to be some trust between you and the member because you have no recourse from Disney if something goes wrong.

With six to eight people you will need a two bedroom.


Disney Teacher would you recommend a 2-bedroom villa at one resort over another? Either because of space, amenities or atmosphere?


That is such a personal choice. We love Beach Club Villas (we own DVC points there) for the theme, location, and the pool. Old Key West has the largest rooms. Boardwalk villas has great nightlife. Wilderness Lodge is so quiet and peaceful, I truly feel like I’ve been transported to another location.

All the DVC resorts are nice but very different. I would look at the resort pictures on allears.net or another site and see which resort appeals to you.


If you want to do some homework on renting points, there is another site that is dedicated to DVC members. There is a lot of information there that may be helpful. MouseOwners.com - The Web’s Most Friendly and Reliable Source for Information on the Disney Vacation Club (DVC)


A Treehouse maybe?
Treehouse Villas Disney Vacation Club Resorts


If you are renting points for the first time I would strongly recommend a broker. You have much less chance of problems as they will walk you through the process. Two good ones are:

Disney Vacation Club Point Rental Vacations | DVC Rental Store DVC Rental Store and
David’s Disney Vacation Club Point Rentals


I’ve rented points 3 times now and have loved it everytime and we are doing it again. I’ve rented direct from members (DVC members on this website that I trusted) and from David’s. Both experiences were great. OKW has very large 2 bedrooms. Those are the largest. Do you research and pick the one that will suit your needs the best.


Donny, if you’d enjoy something in the middle of the action, I would suggest Boardwalk Villas or Beach Club Villas, as they have a lot of nightlife and exciting things going on all around.

If you prefer something that feels like a peaceful getaway at the end of the evening, I would try Wilderness Lodge Villas. If you are feeling cosmopolitan and modern, give Bay Lake Towers a shot.

How do you feel about swimming? If a pool is important, Kidani Lodge and Animal Kingdom Villas have fantastic pools. Best of anywhere on property, in my opinion.

And don’t overlook Saratoga Springs Resort. The rooms are beautiful, and you have boat access to Downtown Disney and the Marketplace.


With the number of people, the 2 bedrooms at kidani and BLT have three bathrooms. So nice to have the extra bath when people are using the living room as a bedroom.

But I really agree with DT. We stay at BCV as often as possible for all the reasons she said. But again it’s usually just two of us.


I have BLT points available. If you want to book there the time is now because they book up quickly. Will send you PM.


I appreciate all the suggestions everyone has given me. Now I need to research your suggestions and then contact some members about buying points.

I love all the help I get at Mousebuzz.


Double D; I would not go to the Tree-houses with that many people. We had 5 adults and it was crowded. Rich C is a trusted source for points. He just hooked me up for our 2013 trip. We own points at Saratoga Springs and love staying there.

You’re on the right track - research.


To me, space is important - that’s why I love OKW. The huge bedrooms, the huge balcony and a full-size laundry room - just a great resort.


Sorry, very busy tax season kept me away but I’m now serious about renting points. Looking for a 2 bedroom suite at The Beach Club Villas for 6 nights from Sunday Dec. 8th to Saturday Dec. 14th. Does anyone have points to rent? I think I need 228 points?



There aren’t a lot of point renters on here. You’ll have better luck with MouseOwners or the DISboards.


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