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New member to the site. Might as well start with a stupid question. If I purchased a 10 day park hopper with water park option, is the use of the waterpark part of the 10 days? I will be there for 15 days, If I spend one day at the water park does that count as one of the 10? :huh:


No, it won’t cost as one of the 10 :c) I think you’ll get two water park days with the 10 day pass?? Right, y’all?


Welcome to DC. With a 10 day pass you get mucho pool time. And it does NOT count as a park day. Enjoy your self.


Welcome to DC! I am not 100% sure of the answer to your question but i DO know that it doesn’t count towards a “park” day! ENJOY!


This man knows of what he speaks! LOL!!
Welcome to DC!! :wink:


I would consider asking this question in the WDW section of the forum, not the DLR section. You’ll most likely get more info on the question in the right section of the forum.


You will have 10 days access to the four Disney theme parks. With the 10 day pass, you will also get 6 visits to the water parks/Disney Quest or Pleasure Island. When you use one of those visits, that is not a visit to a theme park, so it does not deduct from your park days. The other day, we did Blizzard Beach in the morning and Epcot at night, so that took one of our visits and one of our park days.

Have a great trip!


We had 10 day passes with the plus options. We went to the water parks 4 times and DQ twice. It was great. We would hit a waterpark in the morning, go back to the resort, shower and hit a main park later that day.

If you do go to a waterpark, plan on getting there at opening, 10:00am, for the rope drop. Try to plan on where you want to set up and make a b-line for it. There are only so many umbrellas and areas of shade, depending on which park you choose. If you have young ones, try to get as close to the pool/children’s pool as you can so you are not too far away from your stuff and can still keep an I on the little ones.


hanks for the tips and info!



They answered your pool question so I will leave it at that…


:laugh: LOL That’s the spirit! Welcome to DC!


Me again. If you’re still here, I just received my 8 day park hoppers and they include 6 trips to Wp or to DD.


Welcome to DC: Ditto

Not a “park” day: Ditto

10 Days is a lot of time at WDW: NOT!

Best water park (voted by my kids): Blizzard Beach

Best water park (voted by DW and me): Typhoon Lagoon

And finally (hold your applause): To quote Napoleon Dynamite: LUCK-EEEE!


Thanks again, can’t wait!