WDW weather scan for 2nd week of Febuary?


I will be in Disney World from Feb 7th until the end of that week, can anyone help me with what kind of clothes I should pack for my 2 year old son? Shorts or Pants? Sweat Jacket or Coat? Short sleeves or Long? Swimsuit or not? Thanks!!


Here is a great page that will help you for nearly that time period! Refresh the page each day and you will get weather for a full 15 days out!

AccuWeather.com - Orlando, FL - 15 Day Weather Forecast - Local Weather Forecasts


Forecasting 15 days out, especially in Florida’s winter, is a crap shoot at best.
I’ve started tracking the 10 day forecasts for trips planning one type of weather only to have the picture firm up and change so many times that days that were originally expected to be sunny and warm became cold and wet while I’ve also seen nights that were supposed to be complete wash outs 10 days out become clear and balmy breezes 2 days before.
What I’m saying is, use the extended forecast as a guide, but still pack for anything.

I’ve lived in Florida for 25 years now and I’ve seen everything in February, short of snow and ice. I’ve seen highs in the upper 80’s and lows in the low 30’s. There is no rhyme or reason, other than to suggest you also look at the national picture and see what storms are coming on shore in the Pacific and what Arctic blasts are heading in from Canada. The more powerful they are, the more affect it will have on Orlando.


thanks for the replies… i guess I’ll find a larger suitcase lol


This is our fourth year going during that time frame. We have found that you will always need a jacket as it gets very chilly once the sun goes down. I try to pack half and half. Half shorts sets and half jeans/tshirts sets. We have been able to swim every year. This year is a new experience for us however, we’re flying this time. Gotta figure out how to pack light in the next 10 days!


This is only my second trip during this time frame. The last time (10 yrs ago) we were able to wear jeans and needed lite jackets during the day. The weather is FL has been so iffy this year, I’m not sure how to pack for us either. We’re driving down, so I have mroe options than if I flew. We’re watching the weather via internet just to have an idea.


I love the 15 day forecast, even if it’s not 100% accurate. I am checking it every day since you posted this and it’s helping me get through the cold days here. It’s so cold right now that my son keeps doing the experiment where you throw boiling water out the back door and watch it turn to vapor. I can’t wait to be in Florida in the heat of June!!


Be prepared for anything as far as the weather goes. The extended forecasts on the weather sites are iffy at best and change almost daily. I call my dad in Cocoa Beach every few days and the site sometimes is very wrong at that.