WDW Without Kids


I was wondering if any of you have bought Birnbaum’s Walt Disney World Without Kids 2006. Does it give you any tips that any fellow DCer does NOT know? Is it much different from the regular Birnbaum’s guide? I’m just wondering if it’s worth spending the money on it if I already have the regular guide.


Those are the official guides. I’d still recommend getting the UNOFFICIAL guide. It tells it like it is.


You don’t really need it if you have the others… just do everything in reverse. For instance, if it says, “race your kids to this attraction, because ALL the 5-year-olds LOVE it!”, the you know that if you don’t have kids, you should go someplace else!

We have gone with no kids, and it was FUN!!!


I read it before our no-kid trip, and I found it to be pretty useless. You’ve already got all the information you need in other books. Especially if one of those books is the Unofficial Guide… but no, I didn’t find that the “no kids” book had anything different from the Official Guide.


I thought about getting the unofficial one, but I don’t want to read it and overplan our days.


What she said …


I finally broke down. I bought the Unofficial guide AND the 2nd edition of the Hidden Mickey book. My DH is going to hurt me for overplanning, oh well :laugh:


I just checked - ‘Overplanning’ is not a recognized word on DC. You can tell DH to take a leap. Tell him I said so.


:laugh: The more I plan the more fun he’ll have, right? :happy:
Oh and BossMouse, I love your new avatar!!!


Thank You (and Thanks to Ready2Go). I’m rocking the house.