WDWCS/CP Spring 2010!


I applied for the WDWCS last week, and am currently waiting for a web-based interview and then a phone interview. I am extremely excited!

Anyone else on here doing the WDWCS or WDWCP for Spring 2010?

Also, I will beginning Vlogs on this soon, so check back here for Vlog updates! :smiley:

Here are my Live Journal entries if you guys are interested! :smiley:


Congrats! and good luck


Thank you so much! Iā€™m reallly excited!


I also applied for CareerStart Spring Advantage 2010! I had my phone interview Thursday @ 9:45AM. Iā€™m currently going crazy checking e-mail and mail!!


Congrats and good luck to both of you!!! :happy:


Keeping my fingers crossed for you both!