Wdwinfo.com accuracy


I was checking some showtime hours and such on wdw.info, like when emh’s are, when wishes is, etc.

Just curious as to how accurate these are.


For which month? If it’s for a month that is already up on the WDW web site, I would say they are pretty factual. You can be sure by checking them. If it’s for a month that is not released yet, I wouldn’t bank on the hours until WDW releases them.


I’m looking at dates for late September. The Disney website has the park hours and EMH hours listed, which match up with wdwinfo.com, but I’m wondering if the hours for Wishes! and Fantasmic! are correct. I can’t find anywhere on the Disney site about those. It’s always hard to schedule around Fantasmic.


Click on the actual date once you are looking at the calendar of the month. Say, you are going to HS on the 13 of the month… just click on the 13, and the entertainment hours will pop up. (on Disney.com)

I just remembered this for my trip in June- I was so frustrated because I could not find out when fantasmic was going to be…


I would like to mention that from personal experience, September and October hours can and do change. MK fireworks and parade times can change and more performances of Fantasmic could be added.
As for EMH, those will be pretty much locked in once they are announced.


They always say that they are subject to change and I have heard of it happening before- it has never happened to me however. I would just make temp plans for now and adjust them later if needed